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Forget Spiderman, throw away your X-men and allow room for what

The Punisher


The Punisher

ESRB: Mature - M
Platform: Xbox
Category: n/a
Forget Spiderman, throw away your X-men and allow room for what’s setting up to be the best comic book based game of the year, The Punisher. Twelve thugs against one man… really unfair; the twelve don’t stand a chance as they’re torn apart by the most gruesome comic book anti-hero, Frank Castle A.K.A. the Punisher, and that’s exactly what the player gets to do in this excellent 3rd person shoot ‘em up. From start to finish The Punisher is a splendid game to look at. From the bottom of his trench coat to the tip of his gun barrel Frank is a highly detailed model of gruesome perfection. Environments are dark and moody, providing the perfect setting for a similarly dark and moody game. Best yet, tortures and killings are more or less as gruesome and terrifically brutal (Excellent… ha ha ha… cough… I mean eh… you’re sick), as they would be in real life. Although a colour change to black and white occurs for the really graphic kills, none of the sick satisfaction of throwing someone into a giant fan is taken away. Even the small touches which faded away with most new games remain, such as the bullet holes in the twisted carcases of dead enemies and interfaces set in rooms of the characters household which surprisingly add a lot more atmosphere and depth to the game. Voiced by the lead of the film, Thomas Jane, who pulls of an excellent job with hilarious puns, and taunts to make the player feel like the real Punisher, especially when enemies try to wriggle they’re way out of a beating with sayings such as “I have a family” which are answered with a careless “Everyone does” and a shot through the forehead. The Punisher contains an original score by Sonic Fuel, which increases the intensity and pace of the game, and draws gamers further into the artificial world. Delivering punishment is simple and easy to pick up with straightforward controls and explanatory menus to help with every other trait the game has to offer. With the support of rag doll physics and interactive scenery the gameplay is fluid and responsive to give players the most from they’re experience. Good use of the analogue sticks during interrogation sessions, and with over a hundred different environmental interrogation spots, the pick up and play value is priceless. Enemy AI is intelligent yet and realistic, with artificial foes using their senses unlike other computer game characters, who are mysteriously aware of your every move. The Punisher sadly lacks any multi-player, which is fair considering there is only one Punisher, though it is a bit of a disappointment none the less, even in the face of the excellent single player. The game also lacks length, but it does contain plenty of unlockables ranging from comic memorabilia to concept art or cheats and plenty of extra game modes which are warded through medals attained by your style on each level may keep you going another while. Endless fun, through brain dead shoot ‘em up action, violent tortures, enjoyable puns and just plain old ridding the earth of “scum” such as drug dealers or Mafia bosses (A skill rarely achieved by many) with a dash of plain and simple brutality. Bravo!


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