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Many people who have bought the Nintendo DS have been waiting for more games to take advantage of the innovative hardware. Well the wait is finally over as the big

Yoshi Touch & Go


Yoshi Touch & Go

ESRB: Everyone - E
Platform: Nintendo DS , DSI
Category: n/a
Features 1-2 Player Wireless Multiplayer Touch Screen Compatible Cartridge Save Introduction Many people who have bought the Nintendo DS have been waiting for more games to take advantage of the innovative hardware. Well the wait is finally over as the big ‘N' in Redmond has released Yoshi Touch & Go and it shows what the machine is all about. After some extended playtime with this title I can honestly say that this is a game that every DS owner should have in their DS game library. Graphics Typical Nintendo is what comes to mind when describing this game's visuals. Nintendo has not strayed too far from the tried and true formula of a stylish ‘kiddie' look for this type of game. I cannot get the thought out of my mind that this game looks as though the developers opened a big box of crayons and used many of the different colours available to them. Everything seems to leap off the screen due to the brightness of this game and the developers definitely made this a happy looking game due to the style of the graphics. Maybe this also has to do with watching baby Mario and Yoshi too, but regardless of the reason one will not be disappointed with this look of this game. For those tech heads out there this game runs smooth. Animation is very well done as everything seems to flow. The game is based on sprites, so the DS hardware is by far from taxed. The framerate is solid and overall the whole visual package really compliments the game. I am sure that some naysayers might complain that this game should be brought into the 3D realm, however I will tend to disagree because a game like this needs to keep is style and flair, and the 2D sprites do a fantastic job. Sound As with the graphics, the sound in this game does not push the envelope in any way but it does sound good coming out of the stereo speakers of the DS. As there is nothing particularly special to the sound of this game I am left to say what is there is more than adequate. Any diehard Nintendo fan will recognize the sounds of Yoshi, Baby Mario, and company as they play through this game. As for the music, the flavour found in this game is strictly a tropical flair. I honestly wish there was more to say in this area, however there is not as everything is typical Nintendo fashion here and it matches the on-screen action to a tee. Gameplay Right off the hop I need to tell people that this game is far from story based. Many people who have played past Yoshi titles have been used to following a story, but this time around the focus is on gameplay. There is really no conclusion to the game, but that is ok as once anyone starts playing, they will become addicted to the overall style of gameplay found in this title. There are two styles of gameplay in Yoshi Touch & Go, vertical scrolling and side scrolling. During the vertical scrolling mode players use the stylus to draw clouds in the sky in an effort to guide a falling Baby Mario while he collects coins while avoiding enemies and obstacles. During this phase one also has to attempt to link up combos, which includes collecting strings of coins as well as drawing bubbles around enemies and ‘throwing' them toward Baby Mario for him to catch. During this part of the game Baby Mario stays on the top screen allowing the gamer to draw the clouds on the touch screen below, as one would expect. Once the vertical mode is complete the gamer will switch to the side scrolling mode. Here players use the stylus to make Yoshi jump and throw eggs as he and Baby Mario run across Yoshi's Island. The stylus is used to form clouds for Yoshi to walk on as he continuously travels over the landscape. During this phase one needs to only tap Yoshi to jump, and if Yoshi is tapped again while in mid-air he will flutterjump. Throwing eggs is just as easy as jumping. The player only has to do a simple tap anywhere on the screen that this will cause Yoshi to throw an egg in that direction. Points are scored by hitting enemies, objects and coins or by simply walking into said coins. Again, bonus points are earned through combos, but this time the combos are completed by hitting multiple objects with a single egg. What is innovative about these two modes of play is that the stylus is all that one will need to use as there is no button pressing needed. This is what the DS was made for. The use of the DS's special features is definitely the selling point of this game and resulting gameplay found in Yoshi Touch & Go. Along with the stylus the microphone is used as well. As one goes about any of the levels blowing into the DS microphone will remove (blow) away any cloud patterns that one may have messed up on. Although is sounds cheesy it works very well and adds to the charm of this game. Finally, Nintendo added single cartridge multiplayer for 2 players over the DS's wireless network. Players complete against their fellow gamer in a single screen version of the side scrolling mode of the game (the Yoshi portion of it) and it is an all out race to the finish line. This game encourages the use of the stylus as Yoshi runs faster on clouds; therefore players who keep Yoshi up off the ground will have the advantage. As well, should one player knock three or more items with a single egg the resulting action being spikes that hit the opposing player. Also of interest is that each gamer sees the others race screen utilizing the upper screen on the DS. This enables one to see how the other person is doing. Conclusion This game is quite addictive and the hardcore gamer in anyone will find themselves trying to better their score on each level played. But I should also warn that some gamers may also get bored with this aspect of the game as it is not a story driven title. That being said, the gameplay in this title uses what the machine was developed for, innovation, and Nintendo gets huge credit for that. Add to the mix good graphics and the old Nintendo charm and it is easy to see why Yoshi Touch & Go is again another winner from the house of Mario and Company.


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