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SQUIDS Odyssey for 3DS

SQUIDS Odyssey for 3DS

Platform: Nintendo DS , DSI
Category: Strategy

I recently reviewed SQUIDS Odyssey for Wii U, but now it's been released for the Nintendo 3DS as well! While it's essentially the same game, the experience is a bit different on a different console. SQUIDS started as two iOS games (both of which I reviewed) - SQUIDS and SQUIDS Wild West.

Graphics and Sound

I've always loved the graphics in the SQUIDS series. The settings are vivid and fun, and the lighting perfectly evokes the feeling of being underwater. As you might expect from the 3DS, this version of SQUIDS Odyssey now uses the 3D capabilities as well. It isn't important for gameplay, so you can feel free to turn it off, but it's a nice visual addition. Some parts of the interface seem a tad small on the 3DS screen after playing it on the Wii U's gamepad or the TV. That's not to say it's unreadable. Everything's readable; it just seems slightly too small with text that's a bit fuzzy. The music and sound effects, however, are as great as ever.


SQUIDS is a turn-based strategy game in which you control up to four squids. You fling them by pulling their tentacles back and then letting go, causing them to slam into enemies, hopefully defeating them. Squids can be one of four classes - scouts, shooters, troopers, and healers. Scouts can dash, getting a burst of speed; shooters can shoot enemies from a distance; troopers can pound the ground, hurting all enemies around them; and healers replenish the health of squids with which they come into contact.

Throughout the game you earn and find pearls that can be used as currency to buy equipment for your squids or to increase their level. Not only does the equipment increase the squids' stats, but it also allows you to customize their look, which is something I enjoy.

There are two ways to control the squids. First, you can use the circlepad. Pull the circlepad to the left to stretch the squid's tentacles to the left. This will shoot that squid to the right. The second way is using the stylus. While the action takes place on the top screen, a picture of a squid is displayed on the bottom screen. Pull that squid to the left to perform the same function as moving the circlepad to the left. This can be useful sometimes, but I found a little uncomfortable using the stylus on the bottom screen while watching the top screen to aim. I also prefer using the circlepad because that lets me aim the squid while it's traveling. That really doesn't matter usually because it doesn't change the trajectory. However, scouts can dash in the direction they're facing. Using the circlepad, I could fling a scout to the right, and while that squid is traveling, I could aim the squid up and activate a dash. Unfortunately, there isn't a way to move the primary action to the bottom screen, which means you can't use the stylus directly on the main screen like you could in the Wii U version.


SQUIDS Odyssey is a terrifically fun game that's a welcome addition to the 3DS library. The worst part about its release on the Wii U and 3DS, I suppose, is that it takes away the exclusivity from one of the best "phone exclusives." The game is currently available on the 3DS eShop for $14.99. Compared to the Wii U version, the 3DS version does have two drawbacks - the graphics are (obviously) smaller, and one control scheme is removed. Of course, you also get true portability while the Wii U version only offers portability if you remain near your console. Both are good choices, so I recommend thinking about which you'd prefer. You can't go wrong with either!


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