Iceberg Sign Up A Gas Guzzler

Iceberg Sign Up A Gas Guzzler
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Earlier this week, Gamepires, creators of Gas Guzzlers: Combat Carnage, are making a sequel, coming out in two months time (October) in partnership with Iceberg Interactive (publishers of StarDrive and various other interesting product). The trailer, at least, promises a sense of humour and some good visuals, as some road-waster's expensive (and tasteless) sports car gets blown up by three proper Mad Max style junkers. Shoula paid for better guns instead of that paint-job, bro!

It's basically promising everything you'd expect from a murderous race-game with Mad-Max style vehicles: 3 tiers of story mode, 6 game modes, dedicated server launcher and bots so you don't have to rely on others as much for your death-race funtimes, and 18 fully customisable and destructible vehicles. The teaser trailer below isn't showing much of the engine, but the screenshots look pretty, and the trailer is the perfect example of the kind of humour we like in these ridiculous racing games. We'll hopefully be seeing whether it's as fun as it looks in October, when it's released!



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