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Endless Space: Disharmony

Endless Space: Disharmony

ESRB: Everyone - E
Platform: PC Games
Category: Strategy

This month seems to be a good one for DLC that's actually worth the money you pay for it, and Disharmony, the first paid DLC for Endless Space, continues the trend. Stay awhile, and listen, as I regale you with what you'll get for your $10 or £10.


Graphically, you have some UI changes (not always improvements, but still changes), and, finally, the Automatons have their own unique models, which is a) about damn time, and b) quite shiny. Obviously, there's lots of pretty new digital art to tide you over the loading times, and a new race, who look... Well, let's talk about them in a bit.


Soundwise, I'm not really hearing anything new, but then, this is a mostly under-the-hood upgrade. If you really want extra music, go play some yourself, and ruin the ambience, you bums!


So we have an entirely new race for Disharmony, and they are called... The Harmony. They can best be summed up as “Schizophrenic Space Communist Crystals”. Their ships are crystals. They're crystals. Many of their guns are crystals. But there's one thing they despise over all others in the universe, and surprisingly, it's not a race. It's Dust.

Just to clear that last sentence up, the Harmony do not use dust. This means, on the one hand, they take debuffs from Dust (because it drove them crazy in the first place), they never use Heroes (Why trust those dust-corrupted gits?), and the economic quarter of the tech-tree looks distinctly sparse. On the other hand, though, they never pay maintenance or upkeep, which means they can build aaaaalll the improvements, and never have to worry about dust. They can also build massive fleets, but there's a problem inherent there, even without upkeep: Their population doesn't grow while they're building ships. Another feature that has its benefits and drawbacks is the fact that they will be Content. Forever. While this means they'll never rebel or stop building, this also means they'll be hurt in the long run as people cash in on the happiness machine. The lack of Dust interaction also means there's an entire victory path closed off to them. But let's be serious here, they're on a jyhad against Dust, why would they want to buy the universe, when they can murder it under doomstacks?

In short, with the addition of one race, we have entirely new mechanics, and an entirely different way to play. It also helps that unique race research has also been implemented now, and combat has been tweaked. For example, you can organise your targeting and fleet formation a lot more than you could before, there are now fighters, bombers, and ground troops, allowing for an invasion as opposed to a siege (but beware, invasions damage improvements), and so there's greater tactical flexibility. If there was ever a time to get some Endless Space love, it would definitely be now.


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