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Deus Ex Machina 2: There Are No Words...

Deus Ex Machina 2: There Are No Words...

Platform: PC Games
Category: Adventure, Arcade, Puzzle
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Way back when, in 1984, a two year old me somehow managed to miss a media sensation... Deus Ex Machina. That this bizarre multimedia project (genuinely one of the first multimedia games, rock soundtrack, actors, movies, and everything) completely fell under my radar until the most recent announcement, however, is criminal. So, before we talk about the news relating to this, let's give a bit of background here...

...Deus Ex Machina came out for the ZX Spectrum. Now, you may be thinking "Wait, how can a *Spectrum* game have film, and actors, and rock music?" But, suffice to say, it did. You can find a gameplay video of the original on YouTube, which gives you some idea of how amazing it is (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vwJBsYJ16IE). You'll note that, just in the first few minutes, you have the voices of Ian Dury (of Blockheads and Rhythm Stick fame), Jon Pertwee (Werzel Gummidge, Doctor Who) and Frankie Howerd, along with music created by Automata (that's the game company that made it) founder, Mel Croucher. Despite it being bloody amazing for the time, Mel and Automata soon fell into obscurity.

But a recent Kickstarter, and a playable demo of his modern recreation, have changed all of that. At the time of writing, it's only gotten half of it's paltry £64,000 goal, but with talent like Christopher Lee (narration), Ian Dury (music, voice actor), Chyna Whyne (same), Chris Madin, Joaquim de Almeida... Look, let's just say it's got a talent list as long as your arm, and then some. And, as I've just mentioned, it already has a playable demo. The gameplay is relatively simple, but the soundtrack is... something else.

So give it a go, see if you're amazed (by the soundtrack and VA, if nothing else), and, if you are, check out the kickstarter, contribute, and perhaps see some gaming history for the modern age occur, who knows? You can almost guarantee we'll be reviewing it, however.


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