Magrunner Dark Pulse Release Trailer

Magrunner Dark Pulse Release Trailer
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Magrunner: Dark Pulse, the magnetic game of lovecraftian hijinks in a far-future world (2048, to be precise) has now been released, and, naturally, you want to know what it's about. Well, the video can tell you, but here's the Jay's Notes version

It's 2048, and a corporation called the Gruckezberg Mag-Tech Corporation selects seven hopefuls to test its newest technology, with the winners to be the biggest thing in space exploration since sliced bread. You play Dax, the underdog because... Well, if the early-access footage was anything to go by, because he was smart enough to build his own Mag-tech glove and is mates with a mutant, so let's say "Because people in 2048 are bullies" , and, predictably (because it's a game) things go horribly wrong. What wasn't so predictable? Deep Ones, Cthulhu summoning, and all seven of the potential Magrunners being tagged as human sacrifices in a magnetic obstacle course turned deathtrap.

It doesn't make a whole lot of sense, but it appears interesting, and we'll hopefully be reviewing it. It currently costs£14.99/$19.99, is developed by Frogwares, and published by Focus Home Interactive.


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