PCM 2013 Out, With Video!

PCM 2013 Out, With Video!

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Remember how, last year, everyone's favourite sweaty-men-with-massive-ankles simulator took the world by storm (Well, for a management game, anyways)? Well, this year... In fact, earlier today... It's come back for a 2013 edition, celebrating 100 whole years of the most gruelling endurance challenge known to Homo Bicyclus, the Tour De France!

As usual, I can guarantee lots of numbers, which will be cool, and in tables. Lots of sweaty men, with appropriately iron-thewed legs, pumping, groaning, and sweating their way through many different types of bicycle races, lovingly simulated. It's shiny, it's great, and... Oh, go watch the videos, and see what I mean!

...To be fair, the music for the launch trailer is kicking rad. And I feel old for saying that last bit...


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