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"bob's game" still alive, teases nDworld

"bob's game" still alive, teases nDworld

Platform: Nintendo DS , DSI
Category: Consoles, Puzzle, RPG

Website bobsgame.com has been updated with a Java game showcasing "bob's game." It does not indicate whether it's intended as advertisement, teaser, demo, or something else.

Robert Pelloni, known as Bob, wanted to make an RPG with a retro feel for the DS. In December of 2008, he claimed that his application for an SDK was ignored by Nintendo, spurring him to lock himself in his room for 100 days or until Nintendo approved him. On day thirty, he appears to ransack his room on webcam. After this, he reworks his game to include himself, Bob, as an antagonist, with the protagonist, Yuu, taking down a parody of Nintendo. In March of 2009, Pelloni revealed that most events surrounding him and his game were viral marketing. That same month he released a demo of bob's game for NDS that required a flash cartridge. Nearly two years later in March of 2011, Pelloni announced the nD, a cheap handheld console that would come with bob's game. In the beginning of this year, all references to the nD were deleted - until May 8.

The current game linked above allows players to control a character that appears to be Bob as well as Yuu. Multiple minigames are available in the form of an in-game nD. After the minigames, "bob's game -online- nDworld" is teased. Players are asked to provide their e-mail address to register for updates and are then asked to pay for a one year, three year, or lifetime "BobPass" to increase the speed of development.

More information on "bob's game" is available from Polygons and Pixels, and a video showcasing the new update is also available on the same site.


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