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Monsters, Inc. Run

Monsters, Inc. Run

Platform: iPhone/iPod
Category: Platformer

Monsters, Inc. Run is a one-touch platformer for iOS, developed by Get Set Games and published by Disney Mobile Games. Set in the Monsters, Inc. universe from the movie, players control a duo of monsters, usually Mike and Sulley, on a quest to save the human girl, Boo. The monster runs forward automatically, and the player can jump by tapping the screen. That's all there is to the controls, so it's very easy to grasp quickly. While random chance plays a big role and level memorization is needed, it's still a fun game that tests your ability to react. Monsters, Inc. Run doesn't use the Monsters, Inc. license heavily, but it's more than enough to entertain young Monsters, Inc. fans!


The game is colorful and bright. Characters, enemies, power-ups, and everything else with which you interact all feature thick, black borders. This helps them to appear distinct from the background, which is good in the fast-paced levels! Most importantly, the game looked fun. The music and sound effects are pleasant too. The game is divided into three worlds of 16 levels of each. As is popular in iOS games, you can earn up to three stars in each level. In addition, you can find three items in each level too. At the beginning of each of the three worlds is a little cutscene of static images showing the story; essentially, Boo is kidnapped, and Mike and Sulley want to rescue her. On the downside, these are only at the beginning of each world. That means that after I finished the final world, I didn't get anything. Okay, I probably was dying to find out what happened next in the story (especially because I expect more worlds later), but it was still odd.


Mike runs forward, and when you tap, he jumps. Scattered throughout the levels are power-ups with a variety of functions. Some trap enemies in blocks of goo, some allow you to glide, and some you can discover on your own! Levels are not linear. In fact, if you want to find all three of the scattered items in each level, you'll need to do a bit of exploring. I felt like there was some memorization needed. Sometimes I'd simply die without a way of saving myself, and I'd need to remember where that was to avoid the section.

The most interesting power-up is likely the Scare Tag. This allows Mike to tag in his scarer, Sulley. Sulley can run through enemies and certain barriers, proving very useful. As you play the game, you'll collect coins and earn XP, leveling up. Between levels you can spend coins to purchased unlocked power-ups. Purchasing them will allow them to be found in the levels. I mentioned that you can purchase unlocked power-ups because you have to be a certain level to unlock a particular power-up. In other words, as you level up, you unlock more powers to be purchasable. Of course, you can also use real money to purchase items (early too). You might do this if you want to get ahead quicker, but don't fret if you'd rather not. I didn't use any real money, and I beat the game (although I didn't get every star or collectable).

I've been talking about Mike and Sulley, but you can purchase other teams as well. You can play as Mike and Sulley, Lenny and Phlegm, Frank and Bob, or Chuck and Claws. I didn't notice any gameplay changes by changing teams, so I suspect this is just cosmetic. In my opinion, you'll want to purchase additional power-ups before other teams, but that's up to you.


While not a brilliant innovation in the genre, Monsters, Inc. Run is a fun platformer that fans of the movie will likely enjoy. There's a lot of content here if you want to try to collect all the stars and unlockables. This is a great purchase for the young fan, and when that young fan puts the phone down, the older fan should get some enjoyment from it too. The game might not be incredibly deep for the hardcore gamer, but it should definitely bring a smile to a Disney or Pixar fan's face! Monsters, Inc. Run is available for $0.99 on the App Store.

This review was based on a copy of Monsters, Inc. Run for iOS provided for review purposes. Peter is "MrDevee" on Apple Game Center.


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