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Meccano Gears of War
Gears of of War Armadillo construction set

Gears of of War Armadillo construction set

ESRB: Everyone - E
Platform: Xbox 360
Category: Miscellaneous

Ease of Use/build - Challenging enough for a 7 year old, did need adult supervision, fun with dad, screws were of different size and this was a little confusing since all kids just grab a screw when putting toys together. Suggestion would be to keep screws in different colour coding packaging or colour code the screw sizes and update manual.

Parental opinion – Tank was fun to build and yes I would buy it, these kinds of toys little boys love!

Kids Opinion - Kolton looked forward to the challenge and loved building the tank. His personal comments were “Wow the wheels move really fast on this” “Look how the little man fits inside” “This is totally cool”

Replay ability – Kolton has continually played with this since he put it together. Like many new toys the novelty wears off quickly and they end up in the closet sooner than later. Not the Armadillo it continues to be a favorite of Kolton’s.

Cost – I think $50 is a little too much money for many parents to pay. A decrease and suggested retail price of $35- $40 dollars is more than acceptable.

Overall - The toy is an attention grabber with strong re-playability, the only drawback is the price point. Even though i would buy it others might not because of the price point.


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