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Panic Flight for iOS

Panic Flight for iOS

Platform: iPhone/iPod
Category: Arcade

Panic Flight is a fun little game that tasks you with flying a plane using just one finger. It's similar to the "running game" genre (except you're flying obviously). The plane flies toward your finger, so you simply move your finger to fly. There are missions, an infinite mode, upgrades, and unlockables. Content is gated using in-game currency that can be slowly earned or purchased. Panic Flight is fun, but the content is a little too gated and there are a few problems. It was developed by AMA and published by BulkyPix, who provided me a with a copy of the game a day early to review. Unfortunately, it didn't live up to my expectations of BulkyPix (who usually releases some of the best iPhone games).


Skies are blue, clouds are fluffy and white, and the interface is cartoony and colorful. It's a look that I really like. The bright colors and cartoon-like graphics fit the atmosphere of the simple mechanics and easy-going nature of the game. Bad clouds are dark, but there are also dark clouds in the background that don't affect you. Unfortunately, these can be a little hard to distinguish sometimes.


The sound was annoying to me. Sometimes the audio wouldn't start at all. When it did, it was very basic. While using the interface, there was an annoying tone as you select things. I'm a little sad that I have to mention this, because it seems like it would be an easy fix. During missions the sound (when it's working) has a constant hum of the plane's engines. This is fitting and not too loud, so I'm fine with it. There's a little "whoosh" sound when you get a speed boost and other sound effects that all seem fitting. There isn't any background music.


Your plane flies toward your finger, so you can simply move your finger to control the plane. As you fly, you use up fuel, but it goes down rather slowly. However, flying into a dark cloud will slow you down and quickly use fuel. However, skimming a cloud will give you a speed boost. This risk-reward gameplay is something that I love and think is very important to any successful game. It's good to see a game with relatively simple mechanics use it.

Missions (levels) task you with flying from one city to another, which just boils down to flying a certain distance. You also get quests that exist independently from the missions. Sometimes they're to finish a particular missions, but other times they're more generic. For example, one tasked me with performing a number of loop-the-loops. There's also an Infinite Flight mode, which let's you go as long as you can, flying for a high score.

There are a variety of upgrades and unlockables in Panic Flight. You can purchase new planes or upgrade your current plane using a combination of the two in-game currencies. Missions are gated behind certain quests or can be unlocked with the currencies. Unfortunately, sometimes missions are locked behind a quest that you don't currently have, and you won't know if when you'll get the quest.

The currencies are earned pretty slowly. You can also perform tasks such as making purchases at other services or signing up for credit cards to earn the currency. I wasn't interested in performing any of these. You can also purchase the in-game currency with real money. As the game is free, this is reasonable. If you want to play for free, you progress slowly. If you want to progress faster but don't want to spend money, you can "pay" by signing up for services. If you want to progress fast but don't want to sign up for any services, you can simply buy the in-game currency. These seem like reasonable choices, but in practice, you earn very little of the currencies. If you don't want to spend any money or sign up for any services, you'll be unlocking missions by completing quests, and you won't be upgrading very often.

The biggest complaint I have with Panic Flight is that the interface is terribly slow. It was extremely frustrating to tap something by accident and wait for it load. I just tested it. Going from the main screen to the mission select screen took seven seconds. Going back to the main screen took four seconds. Loading Infinite Flight took about thirteen seconds! No, this isn't terribly long compared to console games, but when I reach into my pocket for a quick distraction, these constant loading times prove to be quite the hurdle!


The actual gameplay is simple but fun. However, annoying sound effects, slow interface, and extremely-gated content, lower my opinion. Those three problems each seem minor alone, but they weigh heavily against the fun. As a fun of the "running game" genre and infinite modes in general, I enjoyed playing Panic Flight despite the problems. The game's free, so if you have similar interests in games, you should give it a try. If not, you can probably skip this one.


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