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Reversion - The Escape for iOS

Reversion - The Escape for iOS

Platform: iPhone/iPod
Category: Adventure

Reversion - The Escape is the first chapter in a new adventure game developed by 3f interactivo and given to me for review by iOS publisher, Bulkypix. 3f interactivo is an indie developer from Argentina who set Reversion in Buenos Aires, 2035. Reversion is a point and click, science-fiction adventure game. Cristian thinks it's 2015 but wakes up in Buenos Aires in 2035 with amnesia, finding the city controller by a military organization. When he realizes his life is in danger, he decides to escape. The science-fiction aspect isn't seen much in the first chapter, but it is hinted that time-travel is involved. Reversion - The Escape has colorful, high-quality graphics, good sound effects and music, quality voice-acting, and an engaging story.


The graphics of Reversion are very colorful and richly detailed. Characters and environments are all great. There are some small cutscenes thatintegrate into the game well. Characters and background fit together seamlessly, and movement is smooth and natural. Some rooms are dark (due to low light in the room), but most are bright and colorful. I like seeing that even in a run down, dystopian future, there can still be color. I liked the graphics a lot.


Sound effects were nice, and there was great music. I especially loved the inclusion of voice-acting. The voice-acting is in Spanish, and no, I don't speak Spanish. However, I find that even while unable to understand the words, voice-acting still adds to the experience, and reading subtitles didn't bother me in the slightest.


Depending on your device, you may have a slightly different interface. I played it on an iPhone 4 (although checked it on the new iPad as well). There's a bar along the bottom of the screen with buttons - menu (resume, load, save, controls), hints, use, look, talk, and inventory. If you touch somewhere on the screen without first touching a button, you'll move there. If you touch use, look, or talk first and then touch somewhere in the scene, you'll interact with that object.

Reversion - The Escape works like most standard point and click adventure. Talk to people to learn what you can; Examine everything; Use and combine items. There are eight scenes or screens in The Escape giving me a couple hours of gameplay. The story was intriguing and provided interesting challenges. Touching the hint button will tell you what to do next. THere's no limit on hints, so you can play at your own pace. I love this. It shows that 3f interactivo respects the player. If I want to go as quickly as possible, I can use the hints. If I want to solve everything on my own, I can take my time and ignore the hints. I spent a lot of time in the game, but I did use a couple hints. That was how I chose to maximize my own time and enjoyment.

Unfortunately, I did fun into a couple bugs. When I changed screens, I'd see a black screen with green text in the upper-left that said "Script runtime error. View log for details." It didn't crash the game or hinder my enjoyment, but I saw it nonetheless. A couple times all my buttons would disappear from the bottom. I'd have to force close the game, reopen, and then load a save file (not resume). I have no idea what caused this. Because I saved frequently, this didn't cause me much grief, but if I hadn't have been making my own save points and had been just using the resume function, it would have been very annoying. (Update: These bugs have been fixed in an update.) Also, some dialog didn't seem to flow 100% naturally. This seems like a product of translation. I was able to easily understand the story due to context, but I still feel it's worth acknowledging.


I really enjoyed Reversion - The Escape. The mechanics worked nicely, and the challenges were good. I loved the fact that hints were always available. Use them or skip them - your choice. The Escape looked and sounded beautiful, and the voice-acting was a plus. The game's few problems were acceptable given my enjoyment. The story was engaging, and I can't wait to see what happens in chapter 2.

The Escape is $2.99 on the App Store and provided me a couple hours of high-quality enjoyment. It would have been longer had I not used hints. I'd be a bit disappointed if the price continues to be $2.99. It seems a tad too high, but I think I'll be grabbing the next episodes anyways. If chapters were $0.99, it would be wonderful. 3f interactivo and Bulkypix, I'm looking forward to Cristian's next adventure!


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