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Halo 4 Launch Trailer Released

Platform: Xbox 360
Category: First Person Shooter
Author: Corey Cudney

Halo 4 is only about a month away now, and 343 has decided to flaunt some more Halo insanity with a brand new launch trailer! The trailer was released October 18th, and gaming sources all over have been buzzing about it since.

The trailer begins with our space cadet being suspended in mid-air by some sort of tractor beam, and an unknown enemy (Most likely a head Promethean) approaching him. We then see this enemy scan Chief’s skeletal structure with his “Promethean Vision”. As we go into his eyes, we see a sight of John we’ve never had a glimpse at before: his past. It begins with a child version of John playing on a beach, admiring the pelicans flying above head. His mother calls out to him, and we see cuts to Cortana, and back to his mother. Next, we see soldiers switching the young boys out. This is most likely is the events described in the popular Halo novel: “The Fall of Reach” in which, children selected for the Spartan program are cloned and then switched out for the real ones. We skip forward a bit and see all the Spartan candidates lined up getting ready for their augmentation.

The augmentation goes underway, and participants break free from their chairs, obviously have getting enormously stronger due to the process. The view is back to first person as we see John’s scars, and the camera pans to an empty room that was once filled with Spartan program selections. This next part is especially interesting, because we have never really seen much of Chief’s head, Bungie was always very cautious with his features being revealed. You never get a clear look at his face, but a back of the head is easily found with about 10 seconds focused on it. The armor clicks on, and we jump back to a time closer to present, Master Chief watching a pack of Promethean Knights strolling along a pathway. Chief is only actually challenged by one of them, getting taken down onto the ground, and before we see the conclusion we go into the present. Chief and what to be believed to be is the main antagonist stare at each other for a moment, and we see the “An Ancient Evil Awakens” tagline.

This is a very exciting trailer, and if this doesn’t get you pumped up, I’m not sure anything will. Halo 4 releases on November 2nd, and remember to come to GameBoyz to check out our review of the blockbuster of the year!


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