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Epic Adventures: La Jangada for iPhone

Epic Adventures: La Jangada for iPhone

Platform: iPhone/iPod
Category: Adventure

Epic Adventures: La Jangada is a new hidden object game for iOS based on the novel by Jules Verne. It was provided to me by G5 Entertainment, who previously provided me with games such as Jane's Hotel, Mystery of the Crystal Portal, Paranormal Agency, Mushroom Age, and Judgment Day War. G5 Entertainment publishes casual games, but as a gaming enthusiast, I still find some of them very fun. I'm not a fan of hidden-object gameplay, but most hidden-object games contain puzzles and plot that I enjoy. I'm willing to go through modes I don't love to see the rest of the game. However, La Jangada severely disappointed me.

Graphics and Sound

The music and sound effects were decent. As with most iOS titles, it was nothing spectacular, but I have no complaints either. It's a different story with the art, which I didn't like at all. The people, even on the title screen, look a bit bug-eyed. Most scenes are too dark, and hidden-objects aren't clear. Yes, that's partly the point of the genre, but many objects are almost completely hidden. I touch an area thinking it's one object, and the game gives me an object behind what I tried to touch that I didn't even see. When I play a hidden-object game and end up tapping randomly and waiting for my hint to recharge, it's failed.


La Jangada plays like most hidden-object games. Each scene contains a list of objects to find. Sometimes they're themed, such as finding roses or map fragments. Some levels have you find objects and then find their locations. The interesting levels taper off quickly into the more mundane style. Mixed with the hidden-object scenes are other types of puzzles. While I didn't care for every puzzle, these were much better than the hidden-object scenes.

My complaints about the graphics make playing the game very difficult. I can't find the objects without tapping randomly! Things are difficult to make out even with zoom, and every scene is dark and gloomy. Luckily, there are hints. After using one, you have to wait for it to recharge. The hints recharge fast enough that if you're really having trouble or just don't want to devote much time to the hidden-object scenes, you can use hints pretty regularly to get back to the story.

Unfortunately, the story seems flawed. I was surprised when I found out it was based on a Jules Verne novel. The general plot was an interesting, romantic adventure (not science-fiction like many of his other novels). However, the game seems to leave too much out and makes logic jumps. For examples, someone has evidence about an alleged crime another character made. He uses this evidence to blackmail him. I assumed he was offering to withhold the incriminating evidence in return for something (and I won't spoil what he wants). However, he was actually holding evidence that could clear the other's name and would only reveal it if he got what he wanted. The characters seem to understand this, and the game assumed I did, but it wasn't clear at all.


I didn't enjoy La Jangada at all. Again, I admit that I don't like hidden-object games very much. Reviewing games is subjective, and it's difficult to get away from that, but it's not difficult to see that this game is flawed. G5 Entertainment has made some games, including hidden-object games, that I've really enjoyed. La Jangada opens with an advertisement trying to get me to play their other games, then takes me to a game that combines bad art with a confusing story. I recommend you pass on this one. The full version can be unlocked for $4.99 from the App Store.


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