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More Sweaty Men: Pro Cycling Manager 2012 Out Now!

More Sweaty Men: Pro Cycling Manager 2012 Out Now!

Platform: Xbox 360
Category: Simulation, Sports
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So, who likes cycling as a sport? Hands up? Ah. Well, for those of you who do, Pro Cycling Manager is probably going to be your wet dream. There are many new additions, like a pro division, more teams (knocking the count up to 81), and new competitions, with the 2012 offering a whole 180 of them to play! There's a season planner, and...

...now you can see your cyclists sweat it out in ever more glorious 3d, with the smulation end really being pushed by Focus. They've even given us a few new screenshots. That's right, folks, you too can have fifty to a hundred sweaty men puffing and panting on screen, in HD quality, using realistic tactics to pace themselves or be mean to other players as the race goes on. To be fair, it is actually somewhat amazing that technology has progressed to the point where so many moving parts (the cycles themselves, the landscape, the sweaty men huffing and puffing...) can be rendered in such beautiful 3d.

Now, I will admit this is somewhat of a niche title, but I can't help but feel amused by the concept of watching players huff and puff their way to glory or cardiac arrest, but still, the game also allows training for each season, and a multiplayer! Yes, you too can assemble your dream team of men with calves of pure steel, and pit them against your friend's (or friends', if you're lucky!) team of similarly steel-calved men!

It's exciting (honest!), out now, and costing standard retail price (£29.99) for PC, XBOX 360, and PS3!


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