Of Orcs And Men: Greenskinned, Greenlighted!

Of Orcs And Men: Greenskinned, Greenlighted!

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So, high fantasy has mainly focused on the prettyboy tolkien ripoffs, for the most part: Humans, elves, dwarves, that sort of thing. And orcs have nearly always been the whipping boys of fantasy, common creatures that get murdered because... well, they're evil!

This september, though, you're going to see the other side of the coin. You're going to *be* an Orc. Specifically, you're going to be an Orc, sent by your commander to kill the man who has publicly ordered the death of all your kind: The Emperor. While this is sounding a bit generic, and the solution seems a bit... direct, I'm still looking forward to this, on the simple principle of "Hey, at least it's *trying* something different!"

Both the teaser trailer from earlier this year, and the more recent E3 trailer, show that this is very likely something to watch out for, although it's a shame the orc and goblin don't seem to talk much.

Oh, well, at least the design of the titular orc and his goblin buddy are quite interesting, and we have some screenshots, concept art, and videos to make you salivate for the September release!

The game is being developed by Spiders, in collaboration with Cyanide Studios (of Blood Bowl fame), and will be released September 2012. The website is http://www.oforcsandmen.com



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