Sonic x Vapor

Sonic x Vapor
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Would anyone guess that the platform for the next Sonic game would be a Nike campaign? Nike's "My Time Is Now" is an interactive movie, allowing viewers to read soccer (soccer to me, football to most) players' bios and explore "tunnels," which side videos that are part of the main video. It's like a Choose Your Own Adventure book in video form.

One of these tunnels features Sonic x Vapor, a Sonic the Hedgehog game. The video itself is an impressive way of advertising. I like the idea of branching video. I watched it once without finding the tunnel to the Sonic game, forcing me to go back and click randomly on my second viewing. Luckily, I was able to find it.

Sonic x Vapor is an endless runner game. Sonic runs automatically to the right, and players control Sonic's jumping. Of course, this Sonic seems to like to play soccer. You'll sometimes encounter soccer balls; run into it to kick it through the enemies! The graphics and audio definitely grasp that classic Sonic feel. It's really excellent. Sonic fans will want to take a look at the game. As far as I know, there's no "beating" this game or anything. It's just for high school, but it is a lot of fun.

For fans that want to take a look but don't want to spend time reviewing "My Time Is Now" to find it, it's located approximately three-quarters of the way through the video. Click the red and white shoe on the background.


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