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Skullgirls for PC Announced

Skullgirls for PC Announced

Platform: PC Games
Category: Fighting

After lots of demand for more beaty goodness on the good old PC, Autumn Games has given in, and is going to be giving us Skullgirl goodness later this year. When? They haven't specified yet, but they're going to be doing it, and we're all glad.

“Since the day we announced Skullgirls, many gamers have been asking for news of a PC release,” said Jason Donnell, president and COO, Autumn Games. “With the console versions recently launched, Reverge Labs is turning its focus to updating the game and bringing Skullgirls’ action to PC gamers. We’re thrilled with the very positive reception the game has received, and the great support and feedback we’ve been getting from the community on a number of ways to make the game even better, and we’re excited to be working on answering those requests.”

Positive words, and we look forward to seeing how they pan out... now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to find me a movelist, and get ready...


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