The Town Ultimate Collector's Edition

The Town Ultimate Collector's Edition
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Ben runs the show in this movie


The Town is a movie that was released in 2010 and was directed (and stars) by Ben Affleck. The movie follows a group of masked bank robbers who after a successful heist find out that one of the hostages taken to ensure their escape might be able to identify them. The main character (played by Ben Affleck) Douglas MacRay, starts to follow one of the hostages after the robbery. He eventually falls in love with her and struggles to find a way to stay with her while pulling numerous heist around the town of Charlestown. While also taking heat from the local authorities and from a determined FBI agent who will stop at nothing to bring him and his crew down.

2 Years after the film’s release we get the "Ultimate Collector’s Edition" which includes 3 versions of the film, a digital copy for you to take on the go, a behind the scenes photo book, and some film prop reproductions that include a police dossier from one of the main characters in the movie and numerous mug shots of all four members and their "known associates" along with 2 special features in each of the Blue-Ray discs.

The quality of the Blue-Ray editions of this film will make you wonder why they even bothered with the 3rd DVD disc since the image is clearer and sharper than the DVD version. DVD is not bad but when you have access to a blue ray player it makes no sense to watch the outdated DVD format. If anything each version will serve a purpose, blue ray for your main display at your house where you can show off the blue ray sharpness and quality and the DVD for when you are on the go or have that one friend that refuses to upgrade to blue ray, yea you know the one.

BluRay audio is crispe clear and sounds ok with the default tv speakers.With DVD however, there is a bit of a difference but unless you are really picky on your sound then more than likely you won’t notice it. The film is still viewable even with this difference but as stated above if you have access to the better version then you shouldn't even bother with the DVD version.

The film itself is not a bad film and the different versions of it bring more to the table and help to draw you into the world even more. The theatrical release is the original version of the film. The extended cut on the other hand explains things a bit more. Rather than quick flashes of images which is the case in the original theatrical version. In all about 20 minutes worth of additional content. When you see the film and how those extended scenes expand on the story then it won’t seem so diminutive afterwards. The final version of the film gives you the aforementioned additional content, along with an alternate ending. Some may say this should have been the original ending to the story. Without spoiling anything, the alternate ending can best be described as a no matter what you do, you're still damned moment.

The Special features in this film are palatable but repetitive. Like many other special features it’s the director talking about his inspiration for the movie, the authenticity of it, how much research was done for the film, commentary from the main cast members, real Charlestown locals who were used in the film. One of the most impressive special features was that the very first heist shown on the film was essentially a re-enactment of a real bank robbery. The film version of this robbery even used the same outfit that the real bank robbers, according to the retired FBI consultants, wore during their heist such as the Skeletor looking masks.

The rest of the contents of this collector’s edition are nothing more than eye candy to maybe display on your bookshelf alongside the film just to show that it’s the super fancy edition. Some might not be that vain but in this reviewer’s case; it goes right along my collector’s edition of Batman Begins and The Dark Knight. They are all a bit delicate however (except the photo book) so if anything it would be best to just set up and leave alone for display or just leave in the little box they came in.

What makes this collectors edition is the 3 different versions of the film. If you have the money to drop down on this collector’s edition then you might want to do it especially if you haven't seen the movie. A decent film and you got to give Affleck props because how many people can say that they star and direct their own movies without them ending up in the straight to DVD film rack at the dollar store? Probably not many.


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