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Mass Effect 3


Mass Effect 3

ESRB: Mature - M
Platform: PS3
Category: RPG
Author: Mat White

Developed by: Bioware
Published by: EA

There are very few games out there that come with as much hype and expectations from fans than Mass Effect 3 (ME3). Those expectations were met, for the most part. For those unfamiliar with the Mass Effect trilogy, it’s essentially an action/RPG that focuses heavily on it’s well crafted story and characters. It’s incredibly easy to get lost in all of the back-story and side quests featured in ME3. When looking at how expansive the well-developed galaxy of planets and characters are, I see limitless potential. Does Mass Effect 3 continue to deliver one of the best experiences found in video games?


I constantly found myself sitting back and taking everything in. Whether it be fighting on a Turian moon with the home planet in the sky burning and actively being destroyed by Reapers, or watching one of the absolutely ridiculous battle cutscenes, especially one that takes place on the Krogan home world of Tuchanka. Although those things are something to behold, I was also impressed with the smaller things, like smoke dropped from an exposed Cerberus soldier, water spraying out of a fire sprinkler during a siege at the Citadel, or a well placed sticky grenade resulting in the unlucky soul being reduced to red mist.

While the graphics are mostly top notch, there are a few areas not shown the same amount of attention. Some of the background plants and rocks look pretty bad, and some of the facial animations during conversations just look downright weird. Honestly though, if you’re not going to play a game because the graphics have a couple of downsides, that don’t really matter in the slightest. You’re going to miss out big time on one of the best looking games I’ve had the pleasure to play.


Boy has the sound quality in video games come a long way. I remember playing NES games as a kid and how bad and unrealistic the audio was. It gives me a better appreciation for games nowadays and the work that goes into delivering an immersive universe. ME3 takes it to a whole other level. Never before have I been so absorbed into what I was hearing. The sounds of the Reapers are incredible especially when coming through a good sound system or headset. I recommend playing with either. Your ears will thank you.

Explosions going off in front of you, missiles flying by your head as you take cover. The best examples of the sound quality in ME3 would be during one of the many incredibly epic battles that you’ll inevitably be right in the middle of. Everyone who lent his or her voice to ME3 delivered a great performance. It doesn’t matter if it’s a main character or just a civilian you pass by on the Citadel. Every character is believable and has a unique voice. Bioware and EA have really raised the bar in terms of the sound quality.


ME3 is mostly a cover-based third person shooter with RPG elements thrown in. You’ll fight and earn experience. Then you’ll level up your characters powers like Sticky Grenades or Incinerate. With each Mass Effect game it seems like they’ve made it a more streamlined experience to get more and more people playing. Which is a good thing because that means there will be more Mass Effect games. If you don’t care about the RPG elements or the dialogue options then you have a choice at the beginning to have the game do those things for you and just focus on the action, or if you just want to experience the story you can do that too. If you’ve played the first two then you can expect much of the same formula. You fly around the galaxy doing missions for different people in order to strengthen your military forces to try and save the galaxy from mass extinction at the hands of the Reapers.

You should finish the game in 30-40 hours or sooner if you just go straight through the story. Why you’d want to do that though is beyond me. One moment you’re trying to cure the Genophage (a disease that stops Krogan from breeding) on Tuchanka, and the next you’re on the Quarian home world or Rannoch stopping the Reapers from enslaving the Geth. I liked how some of the side quests were as good as main ones. There is also a nice variety of tasks for you to do which helps keep things from getting stale.

You now have the ability to upgrade and modify your weapons with sights and other attachments such as longer barrels, lighter materials and bigger clips. It’s a nice addition to an already excellent game. You’ll especially like it if you are a gun nut.

Gone is the incredibly tedious task of mining and scanning every planet for resources. I hated that part of ME2 so it was nice to find out that it was completely revamped. Now instead of scanning every planet, you can press a button to release a pulse, which scans a sizeable chunk of space around your ship telling you if you found something or not. Be careful though, if you abuse the scanner, Reapers will come to investigate and you’ll be forced to run.

As if the single player campaign wasn’t enough, they’ve added an online element to Mass Effect. It’s basically a horde mode style game where you need to fight off waves of baddies while trying to hack computers or other meaningless tasks that serve as nothing but a method to make it harder. While it isn’t necessary to play the online mode, it does have a fun factor involved in it. The better you do the more credits and experience you earn. You can then use your newly earned credits for buying packs with characters, weapons or mods inside. For achievement or trophy hunters you’ll have to play online if you want those points or platinum trophy.

Where Mass Effect falls short is the disappointing end and a lot of the results from the huge choices you have made up until now. I won’t ruin anything but some of the things that I was most looking forward to seeing were a let down.

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