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JAZZ: Trump's Journey

JAZZ: Trump's Journey

Platform: iPhone/iPod
Category: Platformer

JAZZ: Trump's Journey is a new platformer provided to me by BulkyPix and Egg Ball. When you think platformer, you think saving the princess, collecting coins, grabbing rings, and getting emeralds, right? In the future you'll be thinking playing jazz trumpet. Trump's Journey tells the story of Trump as he struggles to make it as a musician in 1920's New Orleans. The game was inspired by the life of Louis Armstrong and is definitely a lot of fun.


The unique graphics were the first thing I noticed. A film grain is used to set the mood, and backgrounds look like water colors. Trump's Journey may be about music, but no corners were cut in the graphics department either. The game is very polished!


As expected, JAZZ: Trump's Journey excels in this area. The game features great jazz music throughout. In the game, Trump gains musicians, and as he does, their instruments are added to the music. I suppose you could say that there was one problem with the music; I want to hear it. This isn't a game you'll want to play on silent. Also, can I get a soundtrack please?


In Trump's Journey, you play as Trump. The game opens with him standing on a stage, narrating his story. As mentioned earlier, a film grain is present as if in an old movie. When the game is continued later, Trump stands on stage recapping what happened. To the sides of the stage are doors leading to various levels as well as options, achievements, etc.

At its core, it's all about platforming. The game starts simple enough but does become a puzzle-platformer, providing a good mix. Early in the game you'll gain the ability to use the trumpet to stop time. Some objects are immune to the trumpet. This allows you to interact with the levels in interesting ways reminiscent of Braid.

Trump is controlled using on-screen virtual buttons. Left and right buttons provide movement. There's also a jump button, a trumpet button (used to toggle time-freezing), a situational interact button, and up and down buttons that appear when using something climbable. JAZZ: Trump's Journey isn't incredibly precise, but the game is designed with this in mind so it doesn't become a problem. A reset button can also be used to send Trump back to the latest checkpoint. This is useful if you make an error solving a puzzle and end up somewhere without being able to get out. Rarely I managed to get physically stuck between a wall and a box, but the reset button got me out of that too.

There's a little more to the game than enjoying the scenery, listening to jazz, and jumping. While not a huge part of the game, there are enemies as well. This includes boss battles too of course! While bosses are a staple in this genre, I was a little surprised when I ran into my first. For some reason, I wasn't expecting it! Collectibles are also hidden throughout the levels. I didn't fret if I couldn't find everything, but collecting did make the game more enjoyable.


I wouldn't have expected jazz to be a good premise for a platformer, but JAZZ: Trump's Journey pulls it off wonderfully. A very high amount of polish went into the game; the music is great, the graphics are unique and interesting, and the gameplay is challenging yet fun. You'll need to be a competent platformer, but if you do enjoy the genre, it's definitely worth the $2.99!


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