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Kickstarter Games
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Some of you may have heard of Kickstarter. In fact, we've had a few articles that talked about it here on Game Boyz. It's a site that lets you post your project that needs funding. Others can then pledge money towards the project. No one is billed if the goal isn't met, which ensures that only projects that believe they have enough money to be completed will actually begin. There are various levels of rewards depending on how much you pledge. I recently pledged to a few games.

Guns of Icarus Online

First, there's Guns of Icarus Online by Muse Games. It's described as "a team-based, first-person multiplayer airship combat game set in a post-apocalyptic, steampunk/dieselpunk-inspired world." I get to run around my airship, keeping it operating well and firing on enemy airships? Sign me up! Check out the trailers; the design is awesome. The trailer even looks like it was filmed with an old camera - or possibly a camera from a steampunk world? Guns of Icarus Online has already rasied more than twice the amount of money needed, so I have high expectations!

Monster Guru

I also backed Monster Guru by Gimo Games. This iOS title tasks you with fighting wild monsters, catching them, and training them! Oh, that sounds familiar doesn't it? Well, Monster Guru uses the phone's geolocation to determine location inside the game. In other words, to find new monsters you'll need to actually move around in the real world. I love geolocation use in games, and this is some of the best yet. Monster Guru also features beautiful hand-drawn art. Its only reached 15% or so of its pledge goal, so go take a look and pledge if you want to play this game too!

Pizza Theory: The Pizza Toppings Game

The last one isn't a video game, but I'll mention it anyway. Back in December I backed Pizza Theory, a board game. It's for three people and tasks you with strategically placing toppings in order to dominate the pizza. It looks like a lot of fun, and I should be receiving my copy in the next two months. I'm looking forward to it! There's just one problem; thinking about Pizza Theory always makes me hungry!


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