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Sonic Generations


Sonic Generations

ESRB: Everyone - E
Platform: Xbox 360
Category: Action Games, Platformer, PlayStation Store, Xbox LIVE Marketplace


With some fun mechanics, the excellently translated levels, and the fact that there are 122 of them, all of this put together makes for a game well worth the money. On Steam, it's £20 (about $30 dollars), and is stupidly good value for money for fans of the Sonic franchise. The music is tight, the game's easy enough that newcomers can quickly get the hang of it, the visuals are downright beautiful, and, overall, I'd say buy this game. I would mark it down on PC for keyboard controls, but, quite frankly, what the hell are you doing playing a Sonic game without a controller? I only do it because my gamepad is not an Xbox one, and is thus just as confusing as keyboard.

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