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Allied Star Police for iOS

Allied Star Police for iOS

Platform: iPhone/iPod
Category: Strategy

Allied Star Police, developed by PopCap's 4th & battery, is an RTS / defense game. You send waves of units along a straight path to battle the enemy's units. What makes it so special? It was designed by nine-year-old Owain through the help of the Make-A-Wish Foundation for the iOS.

As this is a game review, I feel I should start by talking about the game proper. The evil Flamions are invading! As commander of the Allied Star Police, your job is to push them back! To do this, you select the unit you'd like to create with more powerful units being more expensive. Next, select one of four lanes. The unit will start on the left at your base and immediately begins traveling toward the enemy base. You'll gain money over time and for defeating enemy units. You'll want to think strategically when it comes to units and lanes. For example, snipers shoot far but are very weak. They should be placed behind the highly armored tanks. The graphics and audio are both nice in ASP although there are only three levels, Earth (easiest), Mars, and the Flamion's homeworld (hardest). The game is relatively short but definitely fun.

Owain Weinert was diagnosed with leukemia. His dream was to create a video game. Make-A-Wish partnered with PopCap to make that dream a reality. There aren't many nine-year-old game designers of whom I'm aware! I think Owain did a great job.

It's absolutely fantastic of Make-A-Wish and PopCap to do this for Owain. The game is enjoyable, but I'll be honest, ASP itself isn't anything out of the ordinary. It's relatively average. It doesn't have any real flaws, but it's a short game and not genre redefining. However, I do think most people that download it will enjoy it. It's currently free on the App Store, so there's no reason to wait! You can read more about it on PopCap's site, and there's a link to donate to Make-A-Wish there as well. I donated.


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