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Royal Quest Interview

Royal Quest Interview

Platform: PC
Category: MMORPG

In my coverage of Another Night in Moscow 2011, the 1C Company press event, I discussed a new MMORPG, Royal Quest. I had the chance to get some of my questions about the game answered by Dmitri Gusarov, Director of Katauri Interactive. For those who missed my initial coverage, let me recap a bit about Royal Quest. Developed by Katauri Interactive, Royal Quest is a colorful, vibrant game that seemed like a fast-paced click-fest. While it has lots of modern MMO ideas in it, I see echoes of Diablo and Ragnarok Online in its core gameplay, and I really enjoyed what I played of it. I was told that you could acquire castles, lakes, goldmines, and gardens as well fight others for their territory, raise pets, find rare cards, and earn loot through PVP. I'd recommend reading my preview in my last article if you're interested or watching the trailer. You'll find my interview following full of clarifications and additional information about Royal Quest. Do note that as English is not the developers' primary language, I took the liberty of editing the responses for clarity. After some answers, I've included my commentary on the answer.

Q: Can you tell me a little more about castles? I saw mention of capturing castles. Are these limited in number with only a certain number of people being able to capture them at any one time?

A: Yes, we want to create a kind of real estate assets - limited number of castles owned by guilds. There are different sizes of them. These battles don't require very large groups. Even small groups of players (2-12 people) can participate, and after the battle is over a castle goes to the guild of the victorious group.

In the future we plan to introduce more large-scale battles for larger player groups on flying islands.

Q: Do you capture castles from NPCs and monsters or from other people?

A: We want to make castle capturing battles special... it will be a several-stage PvPvE adventure continued in a tournament and having its climax with a direct confrontation of castle owners and their challengers. And of course we want it to be fun not only for the top guilds, but for any player willing to participate.

So there will be several stages. During the first stage competing groups fight monsters and other groups trying to get to the center of a labyrinth - the faster you move the better your chances to make it to the tournament. During the second stage those groups that were faster battle each other in a fair tournament while players from less fortunate groups can watch. In the final stage the victorious group enters the castle, fights its owners and claims the castle in case of success.

Q: When you earn castles, gardens, gold mines, or lakes, do these objects appear in the game world for other people to visit or are they only part of a PVP match or something similar?

A: Each castle has a territory containing monsters or a mine for example, but only members of the controlling guild can enter.

Note: The entire castle capturing experience sounds amazingly fun to me. I like that they want it to be fun for everyone who participates and not just the most powerful. It also sounds reminiscent of the War of Emperium that Ragnarok Online fans might remember, although the battles sound much more in-depth and fun in Royal Quest. I'm looking forward to this!

Q: If a hero dies during PVP, the killer gets some of his loot. Does the player who was killed actually lose the loot? If so, that seems like a big gamble for PVP, but if not, that could produce a problem in which people trade.

A: There are special PvP locations, Elenium caves. Players there gather Elenium to earn rewards. Elenium nodes are guarded by powerful monsters. After death in a PvP fight they will lose only items looted from monsters of these caves. This way they can lose only items they just got - no problems with trade, only fun.

Note: I wasn't expecting this answer, but that seems like a great solution. Again I can't help but feel very excited about this game.

Q: Are the cards simply ways to upgrade items or do they serve another purpose as well?

A: Cards add additional characteristics to items.

Q: I saw mention of pets requiring care. Do players actually have to do something to take care of their pets?

A: This is yet to be decided, but in any case you’ll need to make minimal care - a pet not only helps his master, but also requires some resources and time spent. We believe that we must provide players with the way to feel like a real, loving master for his pet.

Q: Do mounts grant any other benefits besides cosmetic? Do they increase speed, damage, or any other stat?

A: Right now they increase speed, but maybe their usefulness will expand later.

Q: A lot of players like to show off in MMOs with status symbols. Will there be titles, achievements, fancy equipment, or anything else designed to be shown off?

A: Sure, titles for example. There is also a special inventory slot for achievements that grant various bonuses.

Q: Many MMOs feature vastly different endgames. Can you tell me a little about what the game will be like at the end? Do you cap your level early and continue to quest for gear and accomplishments? Are you expected to farm the very end content?

A: We want players to farm all content, not only high level endgame content, even after reaching level cap. For example, cards can be received from early mobs too so the most powerful players will still have a reason to farm them. Endgame will depend on how fast we’ll be able to add new content. We plan to expand the game for many years in all directions.

Q: Will bosses require large teams of players coordinating? If so, are there set group sizes?

A: Right now we want to set the group size to 4. It’s likely that after addition of raid bosses they’ll require several groups.

Q: Can players complete all content alone or will they need to group with others?

A: Most people won’t like having 100 friends they don’t really know, and playing in a mega-guild is not interesting for everyone. And most people play online games not for playing it alone. We want a player to be able to complete the entire game with a friend. We think this is right.

Q: In the past some MMORPGs have used the philosophy that the most difficult content should only be seen by a small percentage of the player base. How will Royal Quest handle this? Should it be expected that the average player will never be able to defeat the most difficult bosses or will most people be able to complete the content?

A: As I said earlier, an average player will be able to see almost all content of the game. It’s our main goal to make the game for normal, ordinary people and not for zerg rush nerds who dig 40-people raids.

Note: In the last few questions, we get to find out more about what the base content and gameplay will be like in Royal Quest. Clearly they're going with a different design philosophy than that of the big name MMORPGs out there. It looks like Royal Quest will be a game I can sit down to play with my friend and enjoy at our pace, not on a weekly raid schedule. Sounds good.

Q: Lastly, when will the beta start?

A: In 2012. The specific month will depend on country. In some places it will start earlier, and in some closer to the end of the year.

Final note: I can't wait to play it!


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