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Cell Bound for iOS

Cell Bound for iOS

Platform: iPhone/iPod
Category: Action Games, Puzzle

I spent some great quality time with a new game provided to me by Hothead that I'd like to tell you all about! Cell Bound, their new iOS game, mixes up an old formula to create a fantastic new game. Colored bubbles are shot across the screen, and you're tasked with connecting five of the same color to pop them. Don't let them stack up off the screen or it's game over. Does that sound familiar? Well, Cell Bound is a bit different than what you probably have in mind, because the bubbles come from all sides in a circle!

Hothead provides a metaphorical and literal twist on bubble matching games with Cell Bound. Colored cells come from all sides and fly towards the center. Rather than controlling the trajectory of the bubbles, you rotate the center so that incoming bubbles connect with the right colors. There are three different game modes, and each provides a slight variation on the mechanics.

In Infinite Mode, connecting five or more of the same color will cause the cluster to burst. Pressing the center button triggers a bomb of which you have a limited supply. In Burst Mode, clusters don't burst on their own. Rather, you must press the center button to burst all chains of five or more. You must also be more careful about where you place the bubbles, because if one touches one of a different color, it becomes gray and inert, no longer being able to connect and burst. In Timer Mode, you don't have to worry about bubbles becoming inert, and they once again will burst on their own. However, the timer is constantly ticking. Score 1,200 points to regain one second! All the modes are very similar. I'd recommend trying each one to see which one you prefer. I like to play Infinite Mode.

How about the polish on the game? Does anyone care about graphics and sound? I hope you do, because you'll be in luck playing Cell Bound. The first thing I noticed is that the music is very minor yet extremely relaxing. The sound effects are also quite mellow and sound almost organic. This is perfect because of the graphics and background to the game. The bubbles are actually cells being dropped into a Petri dish. Cell Bound looks gorgeous, and although the game gets very exciting at higher speeds, the wonderful sound and graphics keeps it relaxing. And if you're competitive, Cell Bound features Game Center leaderboards for all three game modes!

Most gamers will understand Cell Bound quickly and be quite comfortable with it right away. Luckily, it's not a stale concept at all. Not only does Cell Bound feature a novel twist with the rotation mechanic, but Hothead has also done a superb job with the style of the game. It's less than 20 MB and only $0.99 on the App Store. If it's not on your iPhone or other iOS device, it should be!


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