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Ankama Play’s new game, Islands of WAKFU, will be released on March 30th, 2011, for exclusive download on Xbox LIVE Arcade

Ankama Play’s new game, Islands of WAKFU, will be released on March 30th, 2011, for exclusive download on Xbox LIVE Arcade

Platform: Xbox 360
Category: Adventure, Xbox LIVE Arcade, Xbox LIVE Marketplace

Islands of WAKFU is an adventure, action and fighting game which will be distributed via the Xbox 360TM download platform. It will be available from 30th March, 2011, and will cost 1200 Microsoft Points.


Whether you use single-player or co-op mode (2 players using one console), Islands of WAKFU focuses on the cooperation of the two playable characters: Nora, an Eliatrope (the same class as Yugo, hero of the WAKFU series) who can teleport, and Efrim, her dragon brother, who can fly and fire balls of Wakfu at enemies.

Depending on which of the two characters you choose, and on your progress through the game’s 14 levels, gameplay switches between adventure and combat. The fighting phases use a previously unreleased dynamic system (arcade-style, somewhere between beat ‘em up and shoot ‘em up) in which players will master “Dimensional Arts” such as teleportation and shooting. You can complete the game in Initiate mode (for experienced players) or in Goddess mode (for beginners).


As part of Ankama’s transmedia project, Islands of WAKFU allows players to learn more about the DOFUS and WAKFU story and creates links with the respective MMOs.

- Islands of WAKFU’s story takes places 10,000 years before DOFUS. The end of the world is nigh and we join the last Eliatrope and her dragon brother as they set off on a desperate quest. Together, they must find the legendary Islands of Wakfu and survive the danger threatening their world.
- 12 unlockable XBLA achievements will provide 12 exclusive items available in the DOFUS MMO, and in the WAKFU MMO later on. This is the first time a link like this has been made between an Xbox LIVE ArcadeTM game and an MMO.


• Extraordinary depth for a downloadable game, with 14 levels to discover
• A hybrid between a beat ‘em up, a shoot ‘em up and an adventure game
• Immersion into a rich, mythological world
• 2 playable characters who complement each other with their skills
• An impressive, original co-op mode
• A dynamic, never-seen-before fighting style
• 2 difficulty modes, including a Goddess mode which makes the game accessible for everyone
• 12 achievements which unlock content in the online game DOFUS

More info soon on the official site: www.wakfu.com, in the Xbox 360 section


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