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The Mensa Brain Test for iOS

The Mensa Brain Test for iOS

Platform: iPhone/iPod
Category: Educational

Mensa recently released The Mensa Brain Test for the iOS. For those who don’t know, Mensa is an organization for people with an IQ in the top two percent. The Mensa Brain Test features logic questions that help test your brain! Luckily for us gamers, it’s fun too!

The test features a variety of logic questions. Usually these involve deducing patterns and applying the patterns to determine missing information. The questions incorporate probability, determining which picture comes next, and many other types of questions. There are four modes from which to choose. First, in training mode you’re given five minutes to solve five questions. After you finish you are shown what you got wrong and the correct answers. The other three modes are all actual tests of different lengths - 20 minutes for 20 questions, 40 minutes for 40 questions, and 60 minutes for 60 questions. When you finish the test, you’re given a score. The Mensa Brain Test shows a bell curve centered at 100 and indicates where your score lies on the curve. This appears to emulate IQ scores, but the test makes no claim as to validity of the test and doesn’t actually mention IQ. The Mensa Brain Test features leaderboards and allows you to share your score via Facebook, email, and SMS.

Because the tests are timed and there is no pausing, it’s hard to enjoy on the go. In addition, 40 and 60 minutes both seem very long for uninterrupted iPhone usage. At first I thought 20 minutes might be too long, but I was wrong. When I got into the test, I found 20 minutes to be a perfect length of time. The only problem I had with The Mensa Brain Test was the lack of some sort of notepad. I’d like to be able to write on screen to help solve the questions faster. Instead I found myself going slow while doing math in my head or going faster but having to use pencil and paper. Perhaps this was a design choice, but if so, I would expect the game to explicitly state that we shouldn’t use paper. An update featuring the ability to make notes while taking the test would definitely be great!

I had a lot of fun playing The Mensa Brain Test. Unlike some other brain training games, this truly requires logic and critical thinking. I think that’s a great thing, but if you don’t, this game probably isn’t for you. The Mensa Brain Test also requires math skills such as probability and ratios, making it unlikely that a child would enjoy the test. Besides the lack of a notepad feature, The Mensa Brain Test is a well made logic game with which I had a lot of fun. If you enjoy mathematics and logic like I do, you’ll have a lot of fun with The Mensa Brain Test, available now for $1.99.


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