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Ys Seven


Ys Seven

ESRB: Teen - T
Platform: PSP
Category: RPG


If you are having trouble deciding what RPG to pick up and play next, Ys Seven is hard to resist. It takes the classic Ys series and throws it into a beautiful and detailed world filled with interesting characters and huge depth. It has some of the best action-RPG gameplay you can find anywhere with a fantastic soundtrack, a lengthy adventure, tons of monsters to kill and lots of places to explore. Even with no online or multi-player components, Ys Seven is easily one of the best action RPGs out there, and definitely comes out on top of all other action JRPGs save maybe one of its predecessors in the series. Anyone hankering for a great action-RPG, or any kind of RPG in general, will most certainly not be let down by this PSP title.

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