NCAA Football 11 Review

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Last month, a few of us Game-Boyz staffers headed down to E3 in Los Angeles. I spent the better part of one morning checking out all that EA Sports had to offer. Much to my surprise, unless I missed something, I did not see a single NCAA Football 11 game on display. Madden, NHL, Active, Fifa and the new NBA Elite game were on display all over EA's showfloor; however, the NCAA game was nowhere to be found. I found this somewhat odd since last year’s NCAA Football game delivered. So the question remains, why was EA Sports not showcasing one of the best sports games in their line-up? Might be a simple numbers game or maybe EA Sports was hiding something from us. In any event, I was very curious to see if this year’s game could possibly top last year’s game. Well, after some time spent with EA's latest installment in the College Football franchise, I must say I am impressed. That being said, I am not so sure this year’s edition is necessarily any better than last year’s....

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