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Rocket Racing League

Rocket Racing League

Platform: iPhone/iPod
Category: Racing

Rocket Racing League is an iPhone racing game provided to me by Rocket Racing League Games. Unlike most other racing games, Rocket Racing League takes place in the air with rocket-powered jets racing through the sky. RRL has both single and multiplayer modes, four game types, and five tracks.

RRL is based on the actual Rocket Racing League. Tracks are made of rings in the air that must be flown through sequentially. By default you tilt the iPhone to steer and use two buttons to accelerate and decelerate. You also have the option of using a virtual joystick in place of tilting. Both felt good when I was upright, but when I was lying down, the tilt control didn't work well despite have auto-calibration. Besides racing, Rocket Racing League also allows for in-depth visual customization of your jet!

Unfortunately, there were a few problems with Rocket Racing League. When a level first starts, the game doesn't recognize any of my input for a few seconds. Sometimes this is only two or three seconds, but it sometimes lasts for up to thirteen seconds! Once the game begins to process my input, it processes everything I did during that time all at once. The game was a bit choppy with a low frame rate as well even after the initial unresponsiveness. This made Rocket Racing League extremely hard to play, which is disappointing because I'd love to play it uninterrupted by problems.

Despite its problems, Rocket Racing League looks fantastic. It strives for realism, and each level looks good and unique. The customization also looks very nice. Players are able to control various colors on their jet as well as symbols displayed on it. The music is also superb.

While the game looks realistic and is based on something real, it has a few traditional game features that make it more fun. For example, when you collide with the ground, you simply bounce back rather than crash. This was useful because sometimes I ignored the race and just flew around looking at the world. You can also collect fuel and other items that increase you score.

Rocket Racing League is a great concept and was a lot of fun when it was responsive. There are a variety of goals and with five levels, plenty of content to play. I'll definitely be checking the App Store for updates that might improve the responsiveness, but until I find an update, it's just not enjoyable enough with the problems. I also played the game on an original iPhone; Newer models might play it better. Rocket Racing League is currently $2.99 and available on the App Store.


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