World of Warcraft 2010 Midsummer Fire Festival Guide

World of Warcraft 2010 Midsummer Fire Festival Guide

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The Midsummer Fire Festival is here in World of Warcraft. With it comes daily quests, a daily boss, and many achievements. This guide for the 2010 Midsummer Fire Festival should help you get it done quickly. If you're looking at this in the future, I have no idea how much of this guide will still be applicable!

Why Participate?

This is important, so I'll put it at the top. Why should you participate in the Midsummer Fire Festival? What's the goal? Getting the meta-achievement for completing all of the achievements gives you the “Flame Keeper” title and is also one of the requirements for “What a Long, Strange Trip It's Been.” That meta-achievement (meta-meta-achievement?) requires that you finish every holiday and rewards you with a Violet Proto-Drake, a 310% flying mount. I got my Violet Proto-Drake during this holiday, and I can definitely feel the difference in speed! There are also two pets related to the holiday. One can be purchased with 350 Burning Blossoms, the currency that the quests reward, and is called Captured Flame. The other pet is Frigid Frostling and comes from the item Ice Chip that you might get when fighting Ahune, the holiday boss.

Burning Blossoms can be used to purchase consumables, the pet I mentioned before, the Midsummer Fire Festival outfit, and the Brazier of Dancing Flames. The Brazier of Dancing Flames is a reusable item that places a brazier topped with a dancing draenei made of flames. This draenei reacts to various players emotes and will turn you into dancing draenei of flame as well. The Brazier of Dancing Flames costs 350 Burning Blossoms, and the full set of clothing (needed for one of the achievements) costs a total of 400 Burning Blossoms. Counting the clothing as one purchase (because if you plan on purchasing it, it's most likely for the achievement that requires the whole set), you're only able to make enough Burning Blossoms for two out of three important things. If you want all the achievements, which you most likely do, you'll have to choose either the Captured Flame of the Brazier of Dancing Flames.

Quest Chain

Earthen Ring Elders in every capital city will offer a quest called Unusual Activity. This sets you off to the Zoram Strand in Ashenvale for a simple quest to look for a drop. You may have to kill a couple enemies to get it, but it should drop pretty quickly. Once you get the drop, use the quest item you got when you picked up the quest, talk to the NPC, and get the next quest. This must be done in the Zoram Strand, so don't leave.

The new item you obtain allows you to disguise yourself as a crab! I took this time to take some screenshots and /pinch some allies (I play Horde). As I side note, I always love it when Alliance and Horde play nicely together on a PVP server. The danger is there, but we choose to be friends. Anyways, simply run over as a crab and listen to the NPCs talk to finish the quest. Summon the NPC once more (again, make sure you don't leave), turn it in, and get the final quest. This has you return to an Earthen Ring Elder in a capital. Time to leave and finish the quest chain!

Daily Quests – Torches

There are two torch-related daily quests that can be found in any capital city. One is More Torch Tossing, and the other is More Torch Catching. Both of those quests have initial quests that must be done to unlock the dailies. The dailies are just longer versions of the initial quests. Torch tossing is the simpler of the two types. You are given a torch quest item. When used, a green AOE circle appears so you can aim your toss. The quest must be done within a certain time limit and near the bonfire at which the quest giver stands. Next to the bonfire will be five braziers. One of them will have a mark over it like Hunter's Mark. That's the one at which you must aim. Every few seconds this changes, and you just have to hit a certain number of marked braziers in the time limit. If you fail you can simply go get the quest again.

Torch catching is much more difficult but shouldn't give you too much trouble once you get the hang of it. Unlike torch tossing, there is no time limit. Using the quest item will make you throw the torch in a random direction. If you're under it when it reaches the ground, you'll catch it and automatically throw it again. Do this enough times (10 for the daily) in a row to complete the quest. If you miss a catch you'll have to start over. There are three things you can do to help complete this quest with less of a hassle. First, try to eliminate distractions. This means that you should pick a less popular capital. For the Horde, Orgrimmar is by far the most crowded. I prefer Thunder Bluff. Second, move the camera so that you're looking down on your character. This allows you to watch the shadow of the torch rather than the torch itself. Try to stay on the shadow. Lastly, your character doesn't seem to ever throw the torch in the same direction twice in a row. After you catch a torch, start running in the opposite direction and then correct your path when your character throws the torch. Most likely it'll still take a few tries each time you do the quest. This is an annoying one!

Daily Quest – Striking Back

To receive this daily you must do the quest chain I discussed above. Striking Back tasks you with traveling to a remote place in Azeroth or just on the other side of the Dark Portal on Outland. Simply travel to the location specified, which depends on your level, interact with the Ice Stone, and kill the enemy that is summoned. I have done this with characters at different levels and never had a problem soloing the summoned enemy.

Achievement – Ice the Frost Lord (Boss)

Lord Ahune is the holiday boss for the Midsummer Fire Festival. Unlike past holidays, from now on in World of Warcraft holiday bosses will be reached using the Dungeon Finder. To fight Lord Ahune, queue for it using the Dungeon Finder. He is in the Slave Pens, but don't queue for the Slave Pens directly. “Ahune the Frost Lord” will be displayed in the menu. Note that you must be level 78 or above to fight Ahune.

When you're ported into the Slave Pens, there will be a trash mob in front of you and to the left. After killing it, one player needs to interact with the Ice Stone to summon Ahune. During the first phase, Ahune will continually summon adds. Deal with the adds and ignore Ahune himself. Eventually he will retreat at the start of the second phase. At this time his Frozen Core will be targetable. Killing his core will finish the battle. If you don't kill the core in time he will emerge once more and the phases will repeat.

Killing Ahune will spawn a chest that can hold a variety of cloaks, an enchant (Deathfrost – weapon enchant that causes melee and spell hits to sometimes inflict Frost damage and slow the target), and an item that starts a minor quest. In addition, the first time per day that a player kills Ahune he or she will receive a Satchel of Chilled Goods. This has a chance to hold the Frostscythe of Lord Ahune, the weapon that Ahune himself was using with a use effect that causes snow to fall around you, and an Ice Chip that teaches a pet.

Achievement – Torch Juggler

To obtain this achievement, you must juggle 40 torches in Dalaran in 15 seconds. This is actually pretty easy but must be done after having done the initial torch quests. You will have received 5 torches as a quest reward. You won't need 40 torches because they're reusable after being caught, but you'll still need about 15 to 20. Luckily they aren't soulbound so you can get some from an alt or a friend. If you really don't want to bother someone else or use an alt, you can buy more torches with Burning Blossoms. Using a torch will display the AOE. Simply aim at yourself and throw. Bind the torch to a button and mash the button while clicking rapidly over yourself. You'll quickly start juggling the torches and in no time get the achievement. I did this with fellow Game-Boyz writer Gemma so that we juggled back and forth. It was very cool to see! Note that anyone in the AOE can catch the torch, so make sure to do it where there aren't a lot of other people!

Achievement – Burning Hot Pole Dance

To get this achievement you'll need to buy the three pieces of the Midsummer Fire Festival clothing using Burning Blossoms. Once you've obtained and put on all three, interact with any pole near the bonfire in each capital to begin dancing. After 60 seconds you'll receive the achievement. Dancing at the pole also gives you a buff that increases XP gained from killing enemies.

Achievement – Flame Keeper/Warden of Eastern Kingdoms

This achievement is simple but time consuming. You need to travel to every contested zone and zone your faction controls in Eastern Kingdoms and honor the flames in each. There will be a quest giver near your faction's fire. The quest starts and ends at the quest giver, so simply talk to the quest giver at each fire.

Achievement – Flame Keeper/Warden of Kalimdor

This achievement is done in the same way as the previous except on Kalimdor.

Achievement – Flame Keeper/Warden of Outland

Again, this is just like the last two but in Outland. This is much easier due to flying.

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