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Club Penguin: Herbert’s Revenge

Club Penguin: Herbert’s Revenge

ESRB: Everyone - E
Platform: Nintendo DS , DSI
Category: Adventure
Author: Val

Developer: 1st Playable Productions
Publisher: Disney Interactive Studios

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Players: 1
Wireless DS Single Card Play
Wireless DS Multi-Card Play


Building on the popularity of Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force and Club Penguin online, Disney Interactive Studios releases another chapter detailing the lives of the Penguins titled Club Penguin: Herbert’s Revenge.

Club Penguin is in jeopardy as a terrorist polar bear named Herbert and his sidekick Klutsy wreak havoc over the island. You must join forces with other penguins to discover and foil Herbert’s master plan, by bringing peace and balance back to Club Penguin, the ultimate fun resort and lovable home of the penguins.


Players of Club Penguin: EPF will notice the same graphical cartoon style in this title, with crisp, clean edges and vibrant colours throughout. The island is packed with plenty of great areas to walk, play and explore in, from the tops of mountains to waterside docks - each location is eye catching in simplicity.

For the most part the environments are pretty static and do not contain much animation. However, some cute interactive objects react when selected, such as a phone that rings visibly on the wall, or a mustard container that spews its contents up into the air. Penguins at various locations are sometimes animated, highlighting what they are doing. Throughout story mode there are well-executed cut scenes that lend great visuals as the story unfolds.


As is the case with the majority of DS games, I preferred playing Club Penguin Herbert’s Revenge with the sound off. The game is littered with musical ditties at each location, but for the most part these are repetitive and annoying. Voice acting is not included in all conversations and story text is conveyed through text bubbles.

Sadly, the great sound effects are missed when the volume is turned down. These range from a distinct whistle sound when you call your Puffle to the cha ching of the cash register, the clink of money falling or the ringing telephone – the sound effects are the true highlights of the sound department.


Elite Penguin Force: Herbert’s Revenge begins after a devastating popcorn attack destroys the Penguin Secret Agency Headquarters. The director, a mysterious penguin visible only on a big screen in the briefing room, is looking to create a special unit within the Elite Penguin Force made up of some PSA agents and yourself. You are enlisted to help solve the problem with Herbert the vegetarian polar bear, who accidentally landed on Club Penguin Island with his sidekick Klutsy the crab.

The story mode is played out through a series of missions in which you relive previous investigations performed by penguin special agents. Through these missions you must uncover Herbert’s master plans and foil them before he succeeds in destroying the island.

At the start of each mission you are debriefed by a penguin named G who gives you all the cool gadgets. Once you know your objective, you’re sent out into the field with your spy ware and two elite Puffles. You can also recruit Rookie, Dot and Jet Pack Guy to the EPF team.

The two elite Puffles are cute fluffy ball-like creatures with special skills and they help you complete certain objectives within your missions. Some of the skills they have include: melting ice, forming ice, breaking crates and welding.

There’s an assortment of spy gadgets in your arsenal, including: a wrench (tightens or loosens bolts); a spy phone (allows you to talk to other agents); a spy log (gives mission objectives and clues); a mechano-duster (dusts to uncover clues); scissors (cuts rope and string); a comb (untangles fur); a decoder (translates secret messages) and an HQ teleporter (brings you back to headquarters). All of these gadgets are used at some point to assist you in completing the missions.

The game controls work the same as Club Penguin Elite Penguin Force. The stylus is used for most functions, such as scrolling through environments or selecting and interacting with objects.

The storyline is linear, which is great for young gamers that need a clear path and final objective in order to progress. Of course, there are puzzles here and there that you must solve along the way. These can be as simple as finding specific objects or following clues to figure out new locations. You must not forget about your Puffles – they help solve certain puzzles or lend a hand collecting snake tokens hidden throughout.

When you collect all the snake tokens G gives you a brand new gadget. Luckily you have a trusty spy log if you get stumped, which shows step-by-step notes and clues. A number of times it was unclear what I had to do to complete an objective and this was frustrating - the spy log came in handy in these cases.

There are mini-games throughout where you collect coins - these are oodles of fun to play. There are four playable mini games in story mode also accessible through the main menu. In Jackhammer you mine your way through a maze to the finish and Amazing Maze is a giant labyrinth that makes use of the Puffles’ unique skills. Grapple Gadget has you flying through the air from a grapple hook, swinging your way to the finish, and finally, Aqua Rescue has you shooting life preservers underneath an island to save it from sinking. The controls are simple, making use of the directional pad and gameplay buttons.

Quick and easy to pick up controls, enjoyable mini games, puzzles and a solid storyline, make for a fairly enjoyable time; but the few unclear objectives do create a bit of a sour note in the gameplay department.

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