The Lich King taunts me, but at least I have a Proto-Drake.

The Lich King taunts me, but at least I have a Proto-Drake.
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Another raiding week went by without me seeing the Lich King die. This week was especially annoying because I didn't get to see him at all. My guild's been having some problems lately. We had quite a few raiders quit. In their place, we've recruited new people and brought back some old raiders. Honestly it's hard for me to tell the difference, because I only joined at the end of December. Regardless, we have a lot of new raiders who need to gear up, learn fights, and get comfortable raiding together. There's also a bit of other tensions and drama that's not worth discussing in a public place. What's happened is that we've been seriously set back.

Before we were raiding Tuesday and Monday. Monday night we would clear 11/12, and on Tuesday we'd extend the raid ID and do Lich King attempts. If you don't kill any additional bosses, extensions can be reversed, so after wiping on the Lich King all Saturday, we'd do a full clear on Monday. Last week we were going to try to double the raid nights to four nights per week. Unfortunately for the guild, I wasn't able to make it to the first three due to E3. When I returned, I found that we've decided to go back to two nights per week because not enough people were able to make the new nights. I came to raid Sunday (Monday raid night was changed to Sunday), but we didn't have enough people. We moved it to Monday. When Monday rolled around, I found that they were only able to clear to Sindragosa. I didn't think that'd be a problem. We'd blow through Sindragosa and on to LK attempts. Well, no such luck. We spent about two and a half hours fighting Sindragosa before downing her, and we didn't have any time for Lich King attempts. On Tuesday hardly anyone showed, and we didn't have any luck tonight (Wednesday night) either. In the end, raiding has been canceled for the week. I don't think that's ever happened previously.

I would really like to see the Lich King die already. As much as I want to help the guild progress, it also hurts to be moving backwards. There are two upgrades for me in ICC 10 - a wand off the Blood Princes, and a wand off the Blood-Queen. I enjoy healing, and I'm good at it, but there are a lot of DPS upgrades for me if I were to come as shadow spec. It's tempting. I prefer healing, and I've never actually raided as DPS in any way at all, but I'd like upgrades so that it doesn't feel like I'm wasting my time. After I get the wand that I need, I might talk to the raid leadership about allowing me to go as shadow for the easier bosses. This week I suppose I'll hope that another guild with which I sometimes raid might need me. They do heroic 10, so at least it's still a challenge. Hopefully next week my guild will be back to raiding. I'd like to get in more Lich King attempts!

On the up side of WoW, the Midsummer Fire Festival was the last holiday I needed for What a Long, Strange Trip It's Been. Doing all the fires was tedious but kind of fun. I like that some holidays remind us what's out there in Azeroth. I hardly see any of it anymore. The Alliance capitals were especially fun. We started with the Exodar. As expected, we didn't run into any alliance. We were forced to take out a LOT of guards though. Next we moved to Darnassus. Again, no trouble. In Stormwind there were a few people after me. Paladin stuns sucked. But I made got the flame and made it to the tram. There was a ton of resistance in Ironforge. I got dismounted at the flame and had to struggle back towards the tram. I'm a disc priest, so keeping myself alive is what I do best. I figured that my best bet was to get through the portal to the tram. I could hope I load faster than the allies, get behind a corner, and get out of there. I did get away, which meant that I did all of Azeroth's fires without once getting killed. Then I danced in my festival clothes, did the fires in Outland, and juggled with Gemma in Dalaran.

Then it was Violet Proto-Drake time!

Before I got it, I thought it was ugly and huge. I still do think it's huge. But I love it anyways. There's a noticeable difference in speed when using a 310% flying mount. It's also not quite as ugly when it's mine. I'm a little sad that I'm done with all the holidays though. They were fun, and I hope Blizzard introduces more things along the same line.


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