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World of Warcraft Assault on the Ruby Sanctum Official Preview Unveiled

World of Warcraft Assault on the Ruby Sanctum Official Preview Unveiled

Platform: PC Games
Category: MMORPG

WorldOfWarcraft.com has posted an official preview of the Assault on the Ruby Sanctum. The Ruby Sanctum is a new 10 and 25-player raid instance taking place under the Wyrmrest Temple. While it is coming with patch 3.3.5, it is not currently live on the servers. However, it will be released soon.

The Wyrmrest Temple is the location of the Wyrmest Accord, an alliance of the dragonflights. After the Nexus War started against Malygos and his followers in the blue dragonflight, Alexstrasza, leader of the red dragonflight and protector of all life on Azeroth, instructed her dragonflight to search the Wyrmrest Temple for any signs of danger. Unfortunately for the other dragonflights, they found twilight dragon eggs created by Deathwing, leader of the black dragonflight, in the black dragonflight's chamber, the Obsidian Sanctum. Alextrasza could not allow the continued existence of twilight dragon eggs.

Not wanting to openly show aggression to the black dragonflight, Alextrasza sent word to Dalaran's Council of Six who quickly sent adventurers to the temple to destroy the eggs and kill Sartharion in the Obsidian Sanctum. For some time there was no response or mention of this assault from any dragonflight. Recently however, the guards outside of the red dragonflight's chamber, the Ruby Sanctum, have disappeared, and stones surrounding the portal to the chamber are cracked. The Ruby Sanctum contains eggs of the red dragonflight. As such, the Ruby Sanctum is very important to the future of the red dragonflight.

The dragonflights don't know what happened to the Ruby Sanctum or who led the attack. They do know one thing: An immediate response is needed. The Assault on the Ruby Sanctum will be released soon, and when it is, Game-Boyz will let you know!


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