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World of Warcraft Patch 3.3.5


World of Warcraft Patch 3.3.5

Platform: PC Games
Category: MMORPG

Patch 3.3.5 went live today in World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King bringing a few important changes. Real ID system is now implemented, allowing players to chat with their friends across all of Battle.net. Assault on the Ruby Sanctum is coming soon but unfortunately is not yet implemented. Finally, minor chat and Vote Kick changes have taken effect.

Real ID allows users to maintain a friends list across all of Battle.net, including all WoW characters on all realms and even other Battle.net games. Players must both agree to become friends before they can use Real ID to communicate. Once people are added as your Real ID friends, you will see their real names and know what they're doing on Battle.net at all times. This works even if they're using characters with which you weren't familiar! You're also able to see all the friends of your friends, allowing you to quickly find the people you know. Players can also use the Broadcast system to have a message go to all of their Real ID friends. Note that to add someone as a Real ID friend, you must exchange Battle.net account names (the e-mail address you used to sign into the game). As such, this can be a security risk, so make sure to add people you trust.

The Assault on the Ruby Sanctum is a new 10 and 25-player raid. Taking place under the Wyrmrest Temple, it will be similar to the Obsidian Sanctum raid instance. Because of the way the Ruby Sanctum raid is being deployed in all regions, it is not yet available but should be released soon.

The Vote Kick feature of the Dungeon Finder now has a cooldown that depends on your own use of the Dungeon Finder. If you rarely leave a group before the dungeon is complete and rarely vote to kick other players, there will not be a cooldown. If you leave before the dungeon is complete frequently or vote to kick often, the cooldown will remain in place.

Finally, the chat frame has been updated. Any form of chat (Whisper, Party, Raid, etc.) can now be right-clicked and moved to its own tab. In addition, whispers between yourself and another specific player can easily be moved into its own tab as well, allowing you to have tabs that contain a sole conversation. In addition, the scroll wheel can now be used to scroll through the chat window. Other minor changes are in place for the Real ID system; The chat window now has an icon that opens the Real ID friends frame that allows you to see what your friends are doing, confirm friend requests, and use the Broadcast system.

All of these features except the Assault on the Ruby Sanctum are implemented today. When the Ruby Sanctum goes live, we'll let you know! Full patch notes are available on WorldOfWarcraft.com!


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