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Black Prophecy, Space Combat MMO

Black Prophecy, Space Combat MMO

Platform: PC Games
Category: Space Sims

Black Prophecy, by gamigo, brings action-packed space battles to the MMOG market! Black Prophecy is set in a futuristic science fiction universe in which players get to customize and control a spaceship and engage in space combat. The game consists of both PVE and PVP content in persistent and instanced sectors of space. Missions are fully instanced, meaning people not in your group are unable to see or interact with you. There are many different mission types, including killing groups of enemies, escorting, assassinating, and rescuing. As I said previously, combat takes place in space. You can fly in all directions, giving you complete freedom. Three views are available – third-person, first-person in which you see the cockpit, and first-person in which you see none of the ship. Check out the trailer!

Players are able to form clans and compete in PVP combat. Each clan gets its own space station and can upgrade their space station with resources gained in PVP against other clans. Black Prophecy features PvE (player vs environment), PvP (player vs player) and PvEvP (player vs environment vs player, in which players must fight against both other players and AI controlled enemies). The game has content for solo, group, and clan play. I asked if the game focuses on one area more than others and was informed that the game is generally balanced between the three. In group play, there can be up to five players per wing with a maximum of three wings. However, each mission has a minimum and maximum number of players.

The story is written by Michael Marrak, an award-winning science fiction author from Germany. Black Prophecy also features an orchestrated soundtrack over an hour long and voice over for all the dialogue. The graphics I saw were great, and although Black Prophecy was on the high video settings, it was not set to the highest. I was told that the graphics settings can be turned low to allow older systems to play it. The game is fast paced though, so a good Internet connection is recommended.

Players choose which side of the war they'd like to join – the genetically-enhanced Genides or the cybernetically-enhanced Tyi. As these two forces fought, they didn't notice a new threat looming in space with the simple goal of restoring order. At the start of the game, players will not yet be aligned with either the Genides or the Tyi. After a six to eight hour prologue, they then are able to declare their allegiance. Players are given a large amount of control over the physical appearance of their characters. Skin color, eye color and shape, bone structure, and more are all customizable using sliders to obtain the perfect result.

The spaceships are modular and can be upgraded. There are slots for multiple weapons, engines, shields, and a cockpit. Shields and weapons come in three types – energy, projectiles, and heat. Shields of a particular type are most effective against weaponry of the same type. For example, energy weapons are weak against energy shields. Increasing the power of a ship comes at a price; more powerful ships are heavier, which in turn make them slower. This trade off means that sometimes a player might want a weaker ship that's more agile. Players are able to level (with a cap of 50 levels) and spend skills to increase abilities. Black Prophecy also features an achievement system. Dying in Black Prophecy yields no penalty besides the time lost. Nothing else is lost, and your ship is still intact. There have been discussions on a penalty system, but at this time there are no plans to implement one.

Black Prophecy was developed by Reakktor Media. Currently it's in closed beta with approximately 100 players and will be released later this year. It will be free-to-play but will feature microtransactions. The microtransactions will not allow players to purchase weapons or modules. Rather, the focus will be on XP boosters and cosmetic changes. An open beta is planned in late September or October. There will be a reset of player progress after the closed beta, but it is undecided if there will be a reset after the open beta. Expect Black Prophecy to launch in November of this year, and make sure to check out the trailer!


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