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Boxing Fighter

Boxing Fighter

Platform: iPhone/iPod
Category: iPhone

Boxing Fighter, provided to me by developer Morning Egg Inc., puts you in the boxing ring! It's a 2D fighting game viewed from the side like most classic, arcade fighting games. It features character customization, a career mode, and multiplayer fighting.

In the game, it seems like you're fighting in underground clubs rather than in some noble, worldwide tournament. It has a gritty feel featuring regular guys, not superpowered fighters. It has nice 2D graphics that sometimes look hand-drawn in a style with controlled coloring outside the lines of the image. The music is very nice but rather limited. I'd like to hear more tracks!

You can do quick matches in Boxing Fighter, but I prefer the career mode. In this mode, you start by naming and designing the look of your fighter. You start at rank 100 and have to fight toward rank 1 by defeating other fighters. Besides fights to earn ranks, you can also fight in various tournaments and locations. After each fight, you earn money that you can spend to upgrade your character. Fighters have three stats - power, face defense, and belly defense. After each fight, there's a set amount you can train total, and you can decide which stat to train. The customization and training really add to the game. It's fun to see your fighter get stronger over time. It'd be nice if there was even more customization, because I enjoyed that aspect of the game.

During a fight, each fighter has a health bar and energy bar. Throwing punches reduces your energy, which slowly refills over time. Landing unblocked punches reduces your opponent's health (which can be expected of course), and when a fighter's health bar becomes empty, he loses. There are four buttons, one in each corner of the screen. The left buttons correspond to left-handed punches, and the right buttons correspond to right-handed punches. The top two buttons throw face punches, and the bottom throw belly punches. You can also block and charge your own punches, but neither of these ever seemed to help me much. My strategy almost always involved throwing weak punches in rapid succession until I ran out of energy. At that point, I'd back off until I regenerated enough energy to continue. If your health reaches zero, your fighter falls, and some green dots appear on screen. In order to continue, you have to touch all the dots in three seconds. Each time you fall during a fight, the number of dots increases. This is a very interesting way of allowing continues, because it forces the player to fight increasingly hard to keep playing, which I really like.

Boxing Fighter provides quite a bit of fun and has a great style and atmosphere. There could be more customization, but I was pleased with what there was. My only complaint is that the game crashed repeatedly, every five minutes or so on average. I do have an original iPhone; maybe the game runs better on 3G or 3GS. While the crashing is disappointing, selecting continue at the title screen put me right back in the fight I was in previously, even remembering how much health and energy the fighters had, which allowed me to continue without losing progress. Currently Boxing Fighter is only $1.99 and can be found on the iTunes store here. It's a fun, classic-style fighting game that can be played in short bursts if you need to pull out your phone for a quick match. It also supports a versus mode over local wireless. I didn't have anyone with whom to play, but Boxing Fighter seems like a perfect game to purchase with a buddy and compete head-to-head!


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