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Battle of Puppets

Battle of Puppets

Platform: iPhone/iPod
Category: iPhone

Wow. Get ready to smile. Yes, I know that was a weird way to start a review, but Battle of Puppets, which you can find on the iTunes Store here, justifies it. It's bound to make you smile! Provided to me by Small Wonders, Battle of Puppets is a strategy game played in real-time with units on a linear field. The game has great atmosphere and polish, combining fun game mechanics with wonderful presentation.

I was immediately impressed with Battle of Puppets upon starting the game. It begins with superb, light-hearted music while loading, eventually showing its wonderful 2D art. The whole game is very cute with the background and units resembling paper cut-outs. Each piece of scenery hangs from ropes as if it was from a play. A highly polished introduction movie plays when you first pick a save file. Try as I might, I just don't know how to describe the art style, but I've included a screenshot with the review. The video is brief but gorgeous. By this point in my experience with the game, I was already very excited, and the actual game hadn't even started.

In Battle of Puppets, you pick an opera with which to play. Each opera is like a different character or army for you to choose, giving you different units to use with various strengths. A map shows locations across the United States with Broadway clearly marked in New York. The game starts in Los Angeles. Beating a level allows you to select an adjacent location to play with the ultimate goal of reaching Broadway. Within each level, the goal is to destroy the enemy base, destroy the enemy base in a certain amount of time, or to survive for a certain amount of time. Your base is at the far left of the linear level. Enemies come from the right, and if the level is one in which the goal is to defeat the enemy, the enemy base will be at the far right. Tapping on one of your bases (you can acquire more during a level) displays a menu showing the units you can create. Selecting one begins its creation. When a unit is created, it will begin walking toward the right automatically, fighting enemies with which it comes into contact. Strangely, if one of your unit reaches the far right end of the field, it will walk off-screen, disappearing as if it died. This was never a real problem for me because if my units reached the right side of the level, it meant I was winning by a significant margin. However, it seemed like a bug to me even if it was minor. In addition to fighting with the units, when your profession meter fills, which slowly fills over time, you can draw a symbol on screen with your finger. Different symbols represent different powers such as stunning enemies, restoring health to your units, or slowing down the enemy army. The strategy in the game involves unit creation order and the timing of powers. Battle of Puppets features over twenty levels, three difficulties, and five different operas to use.

Battle of Puppets is one of the most fun iPhone games I've played. It was very enjoyable yet challenging, which is a nice change from a lot of other iPhone games that are usually relatively easy. It has great music and graphics with a style that I really loved. Remember, it is a strategy game, so definitely check out the tutorial and try levels again if you lose at first to get a feel for the game. It can be challenging, but it gets easier when you get the hang of it. At the time of writing this review, Battle of Puppets is $0.99, which is a fantastic price for such a great game. The game can be found on the iTunes Store by clicking here if you're interested! I highly recommend Battle of Puppets!


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