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Tank Battle: Iron Warfare

Tank Battle: Iron Warfare

Platform: iPhone/iPod
Category: iPhone

Tank Battle: Iron Warfare, provided by Judnich Productions, puts you in control of a tank. You war against enemy tanks to keep control of the battlefield. Tank Battle features motion control, good graphics, and fun music.

The game is simple yet fun. There are 20 levels plus a training mission. The camera follows behind your tank. The goal of each level is to control every point on the battlefield by raising your flag at every flagpole. There are many flags in each level. Some start controlled by your team and some by the enemy team. When you're near an enemy flag, it'll begin to lower, and your own flag will eventually rise. Allies can also help put up your flags, but enemies can retake flags as well. Of course, the name of the game does contain the word "warfare!" You can blow up enemy tanks to stop them from raising their flags. Capture all the points to win!

Tank Battle controls really well. At the beginning of the game (or whenever you reposition the phone too much), you have to calibrate the sensors. This is easy; just tap calibrate, don't move for a few seconds, and you're good to go! You can tilt the phone left and right to aim in the corresponding direction and forward and back to aim up and down. There is a "shoot" button on screen that fires your tank's cannon. In the bottom left are five buttons representing movement directions. From left to right there are left, diagonally left/up, up, diagonally right/up, and right. Touching one will move you in that direction. You can slide your finger across to other buttons to move in a new direction. The button your finger is touching will appear raised and a different color. That might not sound that interesting, but take a look at the lower-left corner of the screenshots I've posted in this review. It looks cool and is a nice touch. Sometimes it's hard for me to move and aim at the same time, but the motion controls still work well. I was able to play sitting at my desk, reclining, or even lying in bed. If you move too much, you might have to recalibrate, but that's a painless task.

The graphics in the game are nice with a variety of locations such as green hills, snow covered ground, and deserts. I especially like the grassy levels covered in trees. The sky looks great too! The music sounds like marching songs, quite appropriate for tank battles yet fun too.

Tank Battle: Iron Warfare is a very fun tank shooting game. It has nice touches like the music and the movement buttons, which I really liked. There are plenty of levels, and it controls quite well. The game is inexpensive at $1.99, so if you're a shooter fan, this game might be for you.


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