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Jane's Hotel

Jane's Hotel

ESRB: Rating Pending - RP
Platform: iPhone/iPod
Category: iPhone

If you're looking to play an enjoyable game that's simple but will test your ability to watch many things and respond quickly, look no further! Provided to me by publisher G5 Entertainment (Judgment Day War, The Mystery of the Crystal Portal) and developed by Realore Studios, Jane's Hotel gives you control of a hotel. Jane's Hotel puts you in the shoes of Jane, a young woman who finds herself catering to customers (a lot in fact) in an attempt to have the city's best hotel.

Jane's Hotel features 40 levels of increasing difficulty. It starts off simple and always introduces one mechanic at a time, making the game quite easy to grasp. The levels become more and more difficult, providing a fun challenge. By the second half of the game, you'll have to scroll to see the whole hotel, adding to the challenge! In Jane's Hotel, each customer will make a different demand. When one requests something, a timer appears. The faster you can cater to the customer, the more money you'll get. Each level requires you to make a certain amount of money to win, and between levels you can purchase new features for your hotel.

There are a wide variety of things customers will want you to do. You'll need to give new customers keys, clean rooms, take customers' clothes to get cleaned, bring coffee, turn on the television, bring the newspaper, and do quite a few other things as well. I like to call this type of game a time management game; the game tests your ability to respond to a variety of signals quickly, knowing how to best optimize your time. It could also be considered a micromanagement strategy game in which you're controlling two units', Jane's and the maid's, every action.

Jane's dream has always been to own a successful hotel, following in her family's footsteps. Now she's finally going to do it, and you, the player, can help her. Jane's Hotel has nice graphics with a variety of characters for customers. The music is pleasant and catchy. Jane's Hotel features intuitive controls - tap to interact!

Jane's Hotel is a lot of fun. It starts off simple and gets much more complicated with great pacing. It's a simple game that's fantastic for more casual gamers, but as a gamer who plays every console (including PC and MMOs), I still really enjoy it. If it sounds fun to you, I recommend you help Jane out!


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