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The Treasures of Mystery Island

The Treasures of Mystery Island

ESRB: Rating Pending - RP
Platform: iPhone/iPod
Category: iPhone

The Treasures of Mystery Island, provided to me by Alawar Entertainment, is a fun game in which you're tasked with finding hidden objects. Unlike a lot of similar games, you're shown whole objects but must find them in parts, adding to the challenge! The game also features mini-games to spice up the gameplay.

The mechanics of the game are fairly simple. In each scene, you're shown a variety of objects that you need to find. However, they're broken into pieces, so you won't be quite sure what you're looking for. Once you find all the pieces of an item, you'll have that item in your inventory. Then you're tasked with finding the location in the scene in which the object belongs. Sometimes you'll have to place items from one scene in a different one. Needing to find parts of objects might seem a little challenging, but there's always a hint feature for those who need a nudge in the right direction! The Treasures of Mystery Island also features minigames. For example, in one game you're adding food to a pot. Objects will slide across the screen, and you tap on all the food (and only the food)! It might sound easy, but it can be difficult as the speed increases.

In The Treasures of Mystery Island, you play the role of a young pilot flying cargo. Your ship crashes, and you find yourself on a tropical island. You must contact your family, find the cargo, and uncover the secrets of the island! The scenes look very nice. Remember to zoom in to get a better look at the art and to help you find things! The tropical music is fun and fits well with location.

The Treasures of Mystery Island is a fun hidden object game. Finding parts of objects (rather than whole objects) makes it more challenging, but hints compensate for those who have trouble. Placing the items is a fun mechanic not present in other, similar games, and, along with the minigames, adds diversity to the game mechanics. The Treasures of Mystery Island is a good choice if you're looking for a fun, simple game to play in your free time!


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