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iSamJackson is a fantastic soundboard application provided to me by Heatwave Interactive and filled with lines by Samuel L. Jackson. I can't think of a better focus for a soundboard than Samuel Jackson! iSamJackson has audio clips, a personality scanner, and a query feature that answers your questions. It comes in a clean version and explicit version (although I recommend the explicit)!

The soundboard sections contains over 150 audio clips. More are available to download. Some, but not all, of the downloadable clips are free. Just today I downloaded a new free clip. "You ever have a dream so good, you didn't wanna wake up? Well that's what it's like being me every day!" Sadly you can't play these over calls, but they're still fun to play. If iSamJackson contained only a soundboard, it would be still be cool, but that's just one part of the application.

iSamJackson also contains a personality scanner. It asks you to press your thumb to the screen. After you do so, Samuel Jackson rates you. Sometimes he doesn't like you. "It's not that I think you're a stupid [something something]. It's just that, when I'm around you, I feel like a [something] genius!" I might have cleaned up Mr. Jackson's language a bit there, but the idea's the same. Other times Samuel Jackson seems to like you. "I thought I was the coolest [something something] in the room! Well, I am. But you're a cool [something something] too!" There is a bit of a secret to using the personality scanner! If you press your thumb to the screen and hold it still, you'll get a negative response. However, if you slide your thumb a bit, you'll get a positive response. Knowing this, it's easy to show your friends that Samuel Jackson likes you a lot more than he likes them.

The query feature is easily the best aspect of iSamJackson. You simply double-tap the screen to make Samuel Jackson answer your question. Think of it like a Magic 8-Ball. I asked Samuel Jackson if I should give iSamJackson a good review. "Yeah, you would like that, wouldn't you?" Well, yes, I would. Asking again, he responded, "without a doubt, baby!" It's totally awesome to pull iSamJackson out when talking with friends to see what Samuel Jackson thinks you should do!

With a ton of sound clips, the personality scanner rigged in your favor, and the sweet query feature, iSamJackson is easily the coolest soundboard I've ever seen (and probably the coolest ever, period). After you play with the app for a while, you might not go back to listen to the same quotes, but you'll probably go back to the personality scanner and query feature. I still wish you could play clips over phone calls, but there might a technical reason why this is impossible. With additional clips to download, there's even more value. I'll definitely use the query feature more in the future, and the scanner, which I didn't realize was rigged until today, will be sure to show my friends how much cooler Samuel Jackson thinks I am than they are!


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