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Warrior Epic Sagas

Warrior Epic Sagas

Platform: iPhone/iPod
Category: iPhone, iPod

Warrior Epic Sagas by publisher True Games Interactive and developer Good Game Productions is a stat management game. Your goal is to maximize the stats of your party or parties in an effort to finish quests as quickly as possible. Warrior Epic Sagas is based on a free-to-play online RPG for PCs, Warrior Epic.

There are a variety of quests in Warrior Epic Sagas with more difficult quests becoming available as you complete easier quests. After selecting a quest you hope to complete, the game displays your probability of winning and the time it will take to complete. Next you select up to five characters to send on that quest. As you change the party, the probability and time update to reflect how good that party will be at that particular quest. After you finish selecting your party, you have to wait the time specified before the quest is finished. Winning will yield experience and new items, allowing you to make your characters stronger. Harder quests take significantly longer, but you can send multiple parties on separate quests at the same time if you have enough characters.

After getting a new piece of equipment, you must select a character to equip it if you want to make use of it. This is harder than it seems. After completing a quest, the game will display a list of new equipment received. An item can only be equipped by two of the twelve types of characters, and there are multiple types of equipment such as swords, shields, etc. After viewing which items you obtained, you have to remember them so you can equip them on your characters. It's not terribly difficult, but if you earned two new items, you'll have to remember which character can equip it and what type of item it is. If you forget, you'll have to check each character manually. To do this, you select a character and then an equipment slot. Doing so will display a list of items that can be equipped by the character in that slot. You'd have to check every slot on every character, and there's a slight load time for each selection you make. Another problem is that after selecting a slot on a character, it will show you the items you can equip there but not what is currently equipped. The stats on the new items will not be relative to your current item. This means that you need to remember what your current item is to know if the new item is an upgrade. Of course, if you do change items, you'll have to do this all over again if you'd like to pass the old item to a different character. Another minor problem is that items have four stats on them denoted by small icons. It's unclear exactly what each icon represents. There is a help button that launches a YouTube video, but I get the error "This movie could not be played" when I try to watch.

From the main screen, there are buttons leading to four additional screens. They are the Town Hall, Arms Hall, War Room, and Item Shop. On the Town Hall screen you can buy new characters using prestige, which you earn from completing quests. There are six classes with two subclasses each. The character types include tanks, direct damage warriors, healers, ranged damage dealers, buffers, and more. The Arms Hall allows you to view your current warriors and change their equipment. You'll come to be annoyed at this screen for the reasons I discussed above. The War Room is where you can view available quests and the results of quests you've just completed. The Item Shop is where you can buy new gear for your warriors using the gold you get from completing quests. From this screen you're unable to see what you currently have equipped. This is the same basic problem that I had with equipping new equipment earned from quests.

The graphics in Warrior Epic Sagas are very minimal. There are icons for each type of character, icons for the equipment, and small icons representing stats on items, but everything else in the game is just text. Of course, there isn't a need for much more than this because the game revolves around managing stats. Even so, the graphics seem too sparse, and the interface itself is always too cluttered with text. There's too much on screen at any given time, and it isn't clear when you're supposed to scroll to view more. A song plays when the game first starts, but there is no other background music. I would like for each of the four main screens to have their own music. There are sounds when changing screens and when selecting party members for quests. These could still easily be heard over music if there was any.

The idea behind Warrior Epic Sagas is good. Having a game into which you put some thought and then put down for some time (while the quests complete) is nice. Warrior Epic Sagas can keep you interested without eating away at your time; if you want to keep playing, you can always start training multiple sets of characters so you can send out more than one party at a time. I really like this ability to feel productive without actively playing constantly. Having quests take real time to complete rather than taking some sort of points to complete that recharge in real time is a great variation from other stat management games. The confusing icons are only a small problem but are still annoying. The sound effects are minor but adequate; however, additional music would be a plus. The interface definitely needs improvement, and the difficulty of managing upgrades is a huge problem. Upgrading warriors is the point of the game, yet it is terribly difficult. These problems make the game hard to play. While the other problems with the game aren't huge, the problems with upgrading are substantial. If upgrades were easier to manage, Warrior Epic Sagas would be much, much more enjoyable. Until this is addressed in an update, if it ever is, I would advise not playing Warrior Epic Sagas.


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