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FIFA 10 for the iPod touch and iPhone

FIFA 10 for the iPod touch and iPhone

ESRB: Everyone - E
Platform: iPhone/iPod
Category: iPhone

With FIFA 10, EA Sports finally brings its Soccer series to the iPhone! It includes a combination of quick matches, long modes, complex customization, and simple modes, allowing the game to be played in those quick breaks during which one finds oneself glancing at a phone but also provides enough to hold one's attention for a much longer period of time. The music is nice, the announcers are fantastic, and the graphics look great. With the many options and modes present, FIFA 10 packs a lot of entertainment.

The first thing that stood out to me about FIFA 10 was the high quality of the graphics. When a match opens, the camera pans across the gorgeous stadium, showing the sky, field, fans in the stand, and of course the weather, which does change. Then the players walk on the field with the camera providing a close view. The game is played in landscape mode, and in most matches the view is oriented with the goals on the far left and right by default. In some modes the camera follows the player over-the-shoulder by default, with one end of the field in the direction that the camera is pointing and the other in the opposite. The camera can be changed in the options, and there are many available choices. At any time the match can be paused and an instant replay started. The replay can be slowed to half speed, played quickly, or played in reverse. In addition, players have full control over the camera during the replays. It can be rotated in any direction and zoomed. Combined with the different weather effects and times of day, this looks great.

The music is nice, but if it grows old, music from the iPhone's library can be used during the game as well. The announcers are great and add a superb sense of realism to the game. For this reason alone, I highly recommend playing FIFA 10 with sound enabled! I was surprised by the quality and amount of voice acting for the announcers. When the game loads, a dialog asks whether the player wants sound enabled. I found a small error in which sometimes after pressing "yes" to the sound dialog, there would still be no sound. This did not happen every time but did happen occasionally.

The game plays using two buttons that display on the right side of the screen. Moves are performed by pressing the buttons, sliding from one button to the other, holding a button, or some combination. On the left side of a screen a virtual joystick is displayed that is used to control one's player. In addition, the gamer can touch a player on screen to choose him to control. The game also features accelerometer support. With this enabled, tilting the iPhone causes the player in control to run in the direction the device is tilted. I found this to work adequately, although I felt I had more control with the virtual joystick. I also thought that tilting distracted from the visuals, but some people might find having their thumbs covering a corner distracting. Luckily, the option is there. There are multiple difficulties from which to choose, although I was a little surprised by the difficulty of the easiest. Seasoned players most likely won't have a problem, but it was still much more challenging that I expected.

FIFA 10 includes over thirty leagues, too many teams to count, and five modes - Manager Mode, Tournament, Be A Pro, Training, and Penalty Shootout. In Manager Mode, the player is given a set of objectives for the season depending on which league and team is chosen. The team formations, player positions, and roles can all be changed and managed. Players can be traded or released, and matches can be played to have full control or simulated if one enjoys managing more than playing. In Tournament mode, the player chooses a tournament and attempts to reach the top! Like in Manager Mode, roles, positions, and formations can be assigned, and games can be played or simulated, but trades can not be made. Be A Pro gives the player full control over one team member. Another member can never be selected, but one's player gains XP that can be used to upgrade his various abilities such as speed, shooting, etc. An existing pro can be selected or a new "pro" can be created. Training allows the player to get a feel for the game without an opposing team. Lastly, Penalty Shootout allows the player to shoot penalties by simply flicking the ball or block incoming shots by moving one's finger to where the ball is traveling. This mode provides the quickest enjoyment if the gamer only has a few free moments to play. Regular matches, Be A Pro matches, and Penalty Shootout matches can all be played multiplayer via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

The game includes a few other bonuses to keep players happy. Stats are tracked, including games completed, wins, losses, etc. There are also rewards to unlock. Most are cosmetic changes to the stadiums or stands, but additional training modes and even a couple other unlockables are present as well. FIFA 10 can provide entertainment for a long time, and it can be plenty of fun even if one only has small chunks of time in which to play. It's definitely a high quality game!


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