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Buckshot Shotgun Controller


Buckshot Shotgun Controller

Platform: Nintendo Wii
Category: Miscellaneous


- Looks very cool in Red but I have seen pics of a black one and it looks even better
- Feels great, nicely balanced and not too heavy.
- Attached nunchuck is a good thing as it eliminates wires


- Difficult to access the Wii Remote
- Power button is completely blocked from use
- Pump-Action throws off aim.

Nintendo’s Wii has a lot of peripherals which try to take advantage of the platforms unique features as well as the innovative games. From tennis racquets, cart racing wheels to fishing poles, there is no shortage of controllers for any game. This leads me to Komodo’s Buckshot, which is a shotgun peripheral. The gun is actually one of the nicest looking Wii accessories I have seen yet. It comes in a nice brief case like package, with a plastic window on one side so you can see it clearly. It almost looks as good, or better, than most light guns you’d find in arcades. The finish is an eye pleasing shiny red, with nicely placed rubber grips for style and comfort. You can also find the gun in a glossy black finish which is even nicer to look at. The gun has a nice feel and weight to it, giving anyone who picks this up a balanced experience. One of the keys to this accessory is having a nunchuck controller built into the Buckshot, so you won’t have any annoying wires hanging around to worry about.

Loading your Wii Remote into the Buckshot is simple and quick. Lift the compartment hatch on the top, slip the remote in and close it. Don’t forget to line up the handy ribbon under the Wii Remote so you simply remove it with a tug on the ribbon. On the outside of the gun there is also a lever that, when pulled, inserts the nunchuck plug into the remote. You will find that you will want to remove the Wii Remote’s wrist strap as this allows the Wii Remote to fit in much easier and allows the nunchuk plug to slide into the Wii Remote with ease. Close up the hatch and you’re ready to get shooting.

Shooting the gun is controlled by the trigger. The Buckshot also hosts a pump-slide feature in order to access the B button, which makes you feel as if you are actually reloading the gun. The design is ingenious, but it can be a bit of a hit and miss affair to get it going (pun intended). While the pump action absolutely adds to the cool factor of the product it does have a bit of a downside. If you’re trying to keep the gun steady pumping it often results in one losing the accuracy of aiming. It may take a bit of time until you are comfortable with these type of issues but they can be overcome.

I played a few games which utilized the gun and found it performed pretty well. I was killing terrorists left and right with the greatest of ease. I did however have to recalibrate the Wii’s sensor bar, which was easy enough and the gun performed virtually flawlessly afterwards. I did find a few spots of trouble within the games though. Unfortunately, there were some points where I needed to keep steady aim and press the A button repeatedly, diffusing bombs or unlocking certain doors for example. Pumping the Buckshot didn’t work in this regard as it kept throwing off my aim. I found I had no choice but to open the hatch and use the A button instead. This is probably the biggest blemish for the Buckshot; hopefully newer versions will address this problem. Sadly the oversight does take a bit away from the cool feel of the Buckshot, but I was able to get through the level.

Another issue with the Buckshot is that there is no way to access the other buttons on the Wii Remote. If you want to quickly pause the game, you will have to open the hatch to use the Wii Remote to do so. This same issue also affects being able to power up/down your Wii. Again you will have to remove the Wii Remote. I suppose you can always use the power button on the console itself, or you can always use the Wii Remote out of the Buckshot before and after use, but not being able to go the Wii’s home screen easily is a bit of a pain.

Despite the above issues, the Buckshot from Komodo is a fully functional pump action peripheral. On one side the overall accuracy was great, even with the pumping issues, as was the overall look and feel as it was pretty cool when shooting. On the other side the gun did have a few minor issues, as mentioned above, and they tended to compound each other. These made the gun feel a bit incomplete at times, buggy if you will. It is definitely unfortunate as Komodo has really done some solid work in making a great gun for the Wii. The Buckshot could have been the best Wii peripheral on the market but it just doesn’t quite make it. That being said, it is definitely worth a look though. Let’s hope that a new version of the peripheral is in the works that fixes the issues as working the kinks out can only make this even better.


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