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Pokemon Trozei


Pokemon Trozei

ESRB: Everyone - E
Platform: Nintendo DS , DSI
Category: n/a
Developer – Genius Sonority Publisher – Nintendo Features 1-2 players Wireless DS Single-Card download play Wireless DS Multi-card play Pokemon Trozei is a whole new type of Pokemon game. In this adventure you play as secret agent Lucy Fleetfoot who works for the SOL organization that protects Pokemon from the evil Phobos Battalion. You must infiltrate the secret storage bases of the Phobos Battalion to rescue all the stolen Pokemon and foil their evil plans. But you must be careful, because the Phobos Battalion won’t let you take them back without a fight. Graphics The gameplay graphics are fairly basic as the main view is mainly comprised of little Pokemon heads or entire Pokemon bodies lined up in columns. As this game is a Pokemon title the colors are bright and very vibrant in an effort to attract the attention of those who love to catch these little critters. Because it has to fit on the DS’s screen the Pokemon are squished into little cartoonish spots on the touch screen. The world map is also small and looks like a normal bitmap with small icons representing the warehouses. This map consists of four sections: the SOL base, the Desert area, the river and hills area, and the Phobos Battalion HQ. These areas will appear only after the previous warehouses are cleared. The best way to describe the cut scenes of this game would be to compare them to the “Esurience commercials” on TV but I have to assume that you haven’t seen these so I will explain the style the best I can. The cut scenes sort of look like a cartoon except the characters and objects are in a fixed position while the background itself moves. Not a lot happens in them because Lucy is sneaking in a dark warehouse but all in all the cinematic style is very unique. Sound Pokemon Trozei has some good music. A lot of it is beat heavy and it really keeps your stylus moving. There is some music that can either relax you or raise the bar for excitement however it is the “beaty” music that really makes one get into the groove of the game. I didn’t mind the music and I think it’s probably the best part of the game. The problem is that you cannot choose what music to listen too and this would have been a good option. Something that also caught my attention is that when the screen fills up is overrun with Pokemon it becomes red and warning music will fills the speakers. This music is very appropriate when giving it’s audio warning, however it also seems to add more stress then needed in such a simple game and I found that it could make it a little more frustrating then it had too. Overall though the sound in the game works, but what would one expect for a puzzle like game. Gameplay This game is not your typical Pokemon game where you search for gyms and earn badges. Instead of wandering around you only need to click on a location using the touch screen. The touch screen is also used throughout the game to control the action as well. Trozei is a mixture of Bejewelled, Pokemon, Columns and other puzzle games of comparable nature. The main objective is to line up four similar Pokemon icons in an effort to rescue them by using a device known as the Trozei Beamer. In order to rescue all these Pokemon lines of three similar Pokemon can, as well as pairs of Pokemon, are the name of the game in terms of what to do. To pass a level you must rescue the required number of Pokemon prior to gaining access to more of the game. While rescuing the Pokemon there are also rare ones that result in receiving bonus points by capturing them. The downside to the rare Pokemon is that they don’t stay for very long so you have to repeat the level over and over just to catch it. This seems to be part of the Pokemon way though in an effort to try to keep people interested in “catching them all”. Now considering the huge amount of Pokemon compared this can be quite and arduous task considering there are at least 400 hundred as compared to the 150 in previous games. There are only two types of single player modes in Pokemon Trozei: adventure mode and endless Trozei mode. The adventure mode is the main story in which Agent Fleetfoot must defeat the Phobos Battalion. The endless mode is straight up Trozei puzzle solving. However these can get boring after some time but multiplayer helps take up the slack. There is wireless battle and pair features to play with friends. Anyone with a DS can use either their own copy of Pokemon Trozei to communicate in multiplayer frenzy or they can download from one cartridge to enable multiplayer play. Although the latter is a great keep in mind that a downloaded play will be more limited than that of multiple cartridge play. Conclusion In all honesty Pokemon Trozei is not that bad a game but it really wasn’t my cup of tea. This came can get quite intense at times the Pokemon can move so fast that if you miss the line by a fraction of a second you will most likely fail. I found that as I got deeper into this game that it eventually it became quite a challenge as the intensity of the action really steps it up a notch. This will game will appeal to diehard puzzle fans but the Pokemon theme may scare people off. Regardless the bottmline is that if you are a really big Pokemon fan and/or you love puzzle games you should take a hard look at Pokemon Trozei.


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