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Antec 1200 PC Gaming Case

Antec 1200 PC Gaming Case

Platform: PC Games
Category: Hardware
Author: Murray G

Are you looking for a great present for the special PC nerd in your life? Then take a look at the Antec 1200 gaming case.

When the case first arrived at GameBoyz HQ it came in a very large box and I wasn’t sure what to expect. The 1200 is the big brother of the popular Antec 900 and it is one big piece of hardware. It stands 23 inches high, 8 inches wide, and 20 inches deep. This can be an issue if space is limited. However most should try to overlook this issue after seeing the list of features it comes with. Most people will never be able to fill all the slots, bays, nooks and crannies with hardware and I have always believed that it is better to have too much then too little when it comes to PC hardware.

- 12 Drive Bays
- Perforated front bezel for maximum air intake
- Washable air filters reduce dust build up in your system
- Advanced Cooling System:
- 1 top special 200 x 30 mm blue LED exhaust fan with 3-speed switch control (LEDs can be switched off as well)
- 2 rear 120 x 25 mm special blue LED exhaust fans with 3-speed switch control
- 3 front 120 x 25 mm special blue LED intake fans with front speed control
- 1 side 120 x 25 mm fan to cool graphic cards (optional)
- 1 middle 120mm fan to cool CPU or graphic cards (optional)
- Water cooling platform for reservoir or pump
- 7 expansion slots
- Top mounted I/O ports for easy access
- Power and reset button with blue LED
- 2 x USB 2.0
- 1 x eSATA
- HD Audio In and Out
- Convenient top accessory tray for a personal media player
- Motherboard: Up to standard ATX
- No Power Supply included:

The bays are dual purpose. The top three are 5.25 inch bays (convertible to 3.5 inch with adaptor) and the rest are 3.5 inch. The case doesn’t come with a power supply so if you plan on filling every bay and slot I would suggest getting at least a 800 watt power supply or better. No point in under powering your system.

Ergonomically the Antec 1200 is well laid out. The power button, reset button, headphone jack, 2 USB ports and eSATA access and controls are positioned on the top leading of the case. This makes it extremely easy to power on and connect to.

The design is very sleek and unobtrusive. The case seems to just blend into the background and doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb. I don’t like pretentious PC cases that scream “look at me”. The Antec 1200 does have the usual side see through panel but it looks classy. There are two fans on the rear, three on the front and one gigantic fan on top. On the back of the case there are the usual components and a nice addition, a fan and light control. You can control the speed of the two rear fans as well as one top fan and you can control the light for the top fan.

The front panel is a mesh design and is where the real fun begins. 12, count em, 12 slots are available. Drive caddies are present and each caddie has a 120mm fan attached to it. The caddies make switching HDD’s and any other hardware in and out extremely easy. In fact out of all the cases I’ve tested or owned the Antec 1200 was the easiest to use. Each fan also has its own washable air filter. This really impressed me as my pc gets exposed to lots of dust. I literally vacuum my PC once every couple of months. The top fan has to be the biggest top fan I have ever seen on any consumer grade PC case. It’s remarkably quiet for a fan of its size.

A water cooling port is standard with the Antec 1200. It doesn’t come with liquid cooling but if you would like to add the feature the 1200 is designed with this in mind.


As far as installation goes I found the large size of the case to be an asset. There was plenty of room to work and I wasn’t constantly banging my knuckles. Cable management also benefited from its size as cables are run along the right hand side of the machine. The right side panel is easy to remove and there are plenty of large holes to fish the cable through.

Installing the HDD’s and other IDE gear was a snap thanks to the caddies. The power supply was easy to install as well. It only took me 45 minutes to tear down my old machine and install the hardware on the 1200.

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