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Disney Sing It


Disney Sing It

ESRB: Teen - T
Platform: Xbox 360
Category: Miscellaneous

Developer: Zoe Mode
Publisher: Disney Interactive Studios


Players: 1-8
Co-op: 2-8
HDTV: 720p/1080i/1080p
Downloadable Content Support

Disney has released Sing It, a karaoke style game featuring songs from their popular Disney Channel television and movie line ups, along with some songs you might recognize from the radio. I knew right away that this game was going to be right up my wife’s alley. She’s the type of person who will belt out a tune along with the cast while watching movies like Camp Rock, High School Musical or catching an episode of Hannah Montana. If you share a similar urge to get right in and sing along this game will be for you.


The graphics of this game are very basic. The majority of the visuals within the game are music videos from such Disney favorites as Hannah Montana, The Cheetah Girls, High School Musical, Aly & AJ and Camp Rock, as well as a few others artists. The quality of these videos is excellent and seems to match that of DVD. Another nice feature is the option to replace the videos with your own image by using your Xbox Live vision camera. In my case this was a hilarious feature, because you don’t normally watch yourself singing and the faces I made at times were quite humorous.

Apart from the music videos there is also the option to change the theme of your background within the game to one of the seven available designs including: Sing It, High School Musical, Hannah Montana and Camp Rock to name a few. Extra themes can be unlocked through gameplay and more are expected to become available through downloadable content sometime in the future.


There are 35 available songs packaged into Disney Sing It, with more songs hopefully to follow via the DLC support. The sound quality is identical to the songs original format with no changes that I could detect. The only drawback is that the songs are not in Dolby Digital and this will definitely be noticeable for those that have a stereo system equipped to enjoy this experience. I was a little surprised with the quantity of songs available as I have become accustomed to having 50+ songs to choose from with other similar music genre games released in the past year. However, the songs included are geared to appeal to the younger generation who may be able to stand listening to the same songs over and over without complaint.


Having watched a fair bit of Disney movies and television shows with my wife lately I thought I knew some of the songs well enough to jump right into Sing It’s Quick Play mode. You have three options in Quick Play including solo, versus and duet. In Solo mode you select the part of the song you want to sing and the difficulty level. These are also the basic options for all the modes in the game. When the song starts you are given a bar at the bottom of the screen that displays the song’s lyrics as they come up as well as the next line. Sound easy? Think again. You not only have to sing the proper lyrics but also have to match the pitch of the song. Perhaps it was because I wasn’t 100% familiar with the song but I found the song tempo to be a little fast and frustrating and it took all I had to keep up with the high notes that seemed so easy for the female singers on the screen. Suffice to say my first attempt did not go well as it was mostly a muffled string of syllables as I attempted to keep up while trying to read the next line before it came up. Luckily enough, unlike other games of this genre, you can finish the song no matter how horrible you are. Even so, it was best I go straight to training next.

Sing It provides a training option under Sing It Pro. In this mode you will be coached by Olesya Rulin, the actress who plays Kelsi in the High School Musical movies. During training you are given the basics on Warm Up, Pitch, Accuracy, Breathing, and Harmony. You are presented with a series of examples that demonstrate each skill. You are also given a chance to practice these skills too. To complete your training you must copy the examples in order to move on to the next part of your training. I really didn’t find the training to be as helpful as I had hoped. Other than one pointer about pulling in your stomach to help with the really high and the really low notes that are harder to hit, I didn’t really see a purpose here. I think it would have been more helpful had the training been able to provide more personalized feedback on your specific things you tried in this mode.

After training you may feel better prepared to tackle the songs in the Single player mode. Here you have the options of playing either Solo, You’re On Your Own!, and Gig Mode. In Solo mode you select the song, the part you want to sing (Lead, Part 1 or Part 2) and the difficulty setting. If you feel confident in the lyrics of the song you can try your hand at the You’re On Your Own! mode. In this mode the bar is raised a little higher as you sing straight from memory without any lyrics or a score to let you know how you are doing. Lastly, Gig mode lets you create a playlist of 5 songs and you still have the lyrics to help you out. I should note that when you sing any song in any of the available modes you can earn multipliers by singing a string of correct notes. At the end of each song you are given a score breakdown which shows your multipliers, total score and an overall star rating. As one would assume, the better your total multipliers the better your overall score for each song will be.

Disney Sing It has a variety of multiplayer modes; however the game is only compatible with Logitech microphones. Also somewhat puzzling is that the game only comes packaged with one microphone. It would have been nice if the game came packaged with two microphones or was compatible with the Xbox Live headset. For those who want to enjoy some multiplayer fun you will have to purchase a Logitech microphone to do this. For those players who may already have a second microphone, or those who will go and buy one, you can look forward to Duets (sing a song co-op with a friend), Versus play (battle each other for the highest score), Gig Mode (sing 5 songs co-op with a friend) and Team Play (battle it out against an opposing team).


After a bit of practice and familiarizing myself with the songs I started having a lot of fun with Disney’s Sing It. If you know the songs, or like catchy pop tunes, you will most likely enjoy playing it too. I am a little disappointed that my wife and I could not try out the multiplayer mode and I may just buckle and go out and buy a second microphone in order to battle it out on the stage. That being said, even with the need to have to buy another microphone, Sing It for the Xbox 360 is yet another great party game to add to your game collection.


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